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Getting Started at D’Youville

Here is a list of the processing steps from the time you are asked to teach for the college and a few tasks to complete before you start teaching.

  • You will be sent a contract by the Office of Academic Affairs once your Chairperson or Director identifies you for hire.
  • Human Resources receives your CV from the Office of Academic Affairs. Human Resources will then enter you into the system and a username will be created for you.
  • You will receive your username and password from the Office of Academic Affairs by the method of your personal email. If you haven’t received your username and password, please contact the helpdesk.
  • All faculty members and adjuncts get paid bi-weekly.  HR will send you new hire paperwork. If the direct deposit form is completed, your first payment will be direct deposited.  Here is some of the payroll information that is given to the new hires.
  • Be sure to pick up an ID card at Campus Safety, which will let you into buildings and allow you to print on campus. 
  • It is the responsibility of the instructor to order the textbooks for the class they are teaching. The department chair can tell you which textbook is currently used for each class. Instructors should set up an Enlight account in order to order books. If they don’t have an Enlight account, you can create one when you log in on the Web site: This is the contact information for the DYC College Store, in the College Center: telephone number: 829-7666. Email:
  • Here is a Campus Map with building and parking information.
  • Sign up for the Emergency Alert System.

Teaching at D’Youville

Here is a list of things to know while teaching during the semester.

The D'Youville College Adjunct Handbook

The D'Youville College Faculty Handbook

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