Welcome to the start of the Spring 2021 semester. Below are a few updates/reminders from the Online Learning team to help you with the start of a new semester.

New Canvas Content Editor

Canvas updated their content editor (what you see when you hit the “Edit” button) last night (Jan 18th). We put together a quick Panopto video to familiarize faculty with the new Rich Content Editor. Additionally, here is the official New Rich Content Editor resource that introduces and lists all the changes performed.

Adding Faculty to Canvas Courses

Saint has a special request for all faculty who add others to their Canvas courses, please do not add them as a “Teacher” role. Every semester this minor oversight causes Jaye Lesinski hours of headaches because anyone with a “Teacher” role has a student satisfaction survey sent out.

Please follow the steps outlined in the attachment to grant another instructor access to your course.

Faculty should not add students directly to their Canvas courses. Students can only register for courses through the Registrar office and Self-service. Failure to do so may jeopardize student grade submissions and academic process. Please review the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog(s) for more information.

Never add another faculty member with the “teacher” role to a course. Only the contracted lead faculty member of a course should ever appear as “Teacher.” EVERY individual listed as “Teacher” WILL RECEIVE A STUDENT SATISFACTION SURVEY for that course.

Canvas Semester Start Checklist

Lastly, we’ve linked the Canvas semester start checklist for your review. Please email onlinelearning@dyc.edu if you have any other questions.