Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies is a fascinating field that incorporates many different methods and theoretical perspectives. Scholarship varies widely from confessional and theological approaches to historical, literary, and feminist approaches among many others. Students taking biblical studies classes can expect to engage seriously with the biblical text, learn about the historical context of the writing of the Bible, and sample interpretations from a variety of perspectives.

Links to Online Resources

Translations of the Bible The text of the NRSV version of the Bible, fully searchable. You can find all of the biblical readings we will complete this term here. Searchable version of the RSV, predecessor to the NRSV Jewish Publication Society (JPS) translation of the Hebrew Bible.

Collections of Biblical and Pseudepigraphical Texts Has links to translations of many of the writings we will consider this semester. Some of the translations are dated, but still useful. Links provide notes, introductions, etc. Companion site to Early Jewish Writings.

Other Valuable Online Resources Flagship Bible website hosted by the major professional association of biblical scholars, the Society of Biblical Literature. Provides photos, biographies of biblical characters, information on biblical archaeology, etc. The Bible and Interpretation site is a popular website designed for critical scholars to provide concise information to a broader public. Especially good for discussions of Biblical Archaeology and current controversies. Page of one of the best contemporary epigraphers discussing important inscriptions from the Levant.