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Test taking is always a stressful time!!

It’s a good idea to review what may have been forgotten regarding test-taking strategies using Module 4 from ATI’s Nurse Logic at the beginning of each semester, and anytime you have struggled with a test.

Nurse Logic helps you to master test-taking!!


  • Preparing for Faculty-developed Tests
  • Preparing for Standardized Tests
  • Critically Reading Test Items
  • Test-taking Strategies
  • Using Priority Setting Frameworks
  • Mastering Alternate Format Items
  • Taking the NCLEX

Cheating on ATI Practice Exams:

We know it is possible to not use the ATI practice exams as they are intended.

Using sites such as Quizlet or cheating other ways to take the practice exams does not help you to learn the material. It does you no good to get 100% by cheating on the practice exams and not making the effort to learn the material. Your proctored results will demonstrate this. It will also reflect in your ability to provide patient care.

Medical Ethics and Modern Practice in Medicine