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Welcome to the first issue of the School of Nursing’s Digital Newsletter. This column is my opportunity to share my thoughts, respond to feedback from you, and provide updates on current events in the School of Nursing.

Many of you recently participated in two very important events. The first event occurred last spring, when the School of Nursing had our on-site evaluations from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the New York State Education Offices of the Professions (NYSED). CCNE is our national nursing accreditor. Our Baccalaureate, Masters, DNP and post graduate APRN Certificate programs all received 10 years of accreditation from CCNE, with all standards met and with no compliance concerns. Be sure to check out the wall opposite the ALT 5 th floor elevators for our accreditation certificates. NYSED determined that all standards were met with a recommendation to the New York Board of Regents to continue our state accreditation. The second event occurred in the fall when we underwent an external evaluation of all of the processes in the School of Nursing by consultants from the Kirby Bates Company. Their assessment reflected high praise for our programs, faculty and students. They provided us with important feedback that we can use as we strategically plan for the future of the School. Student feedback is mandated and essential for these types of assessments. I want to thank you all for your participation and active engagement in the process and helping us to showcase our excellent programs.

Every semester, I hear rumblings about all of the evaluations (for example program, course, faculty and/or clinical) that we ask students to complete. I do want you to know that that we take your feedback seriously. We use it to select clinical sites, make changes in courses, and to develop improved learning experiences. This newsletter is the result of feedback that we received from graduating seniors on the Skyfactor program evaluation about wanting increased communication and more involvement in what is going on in the School. A second example is the remodeling of the Student Lounge. We received feedback from Mathew Wild, president of the Student Nurses Association, about the need for improvement of that room. I shared the concerns with the College VP for Operations and over the winter break facilities went to work with painting and carpeting. This week, brand new furniture was delivered. If you have not been up to see it, please stop by to check it out!

We have a reputation in the community for excellence, and as you know, our nursing programs are very rigorous and demand a great deal of time, attention and focus. We know that you are juggling multiple roles, all claiming your time to become the priority. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns that can wreak havoc with your plans. The College has many resources to help, but the faculty, advisors and and I want you to know that we are focused on assisting you to be successful. We encourage you to speak with us if you have needs. We are much better able to help you with alternatives if we know about these unexpected events when they occur, rather than waiting until it is too late in the semester, or after they have had a negative effect on your performance.

One last thought: ‘We chose our next world through what we learn in this one. Learn nothing and the next world is the same as this one. You must begin by knowing that you have already arrived (Bach, 1973).

Judith H. Lewis EdD. R.N.