UNITY WEEK!! (August 29 – September 2)

Who wants another amazing week of events and delicious snack foods for students around campus?! Sam Cohen, who is a DYC nursing student and also a part of Student Association on campus, put together a week to reunite the college campus and gave students the opportunity to really learn a deeper meaning to the word UNITY. We kicked off the week with an assortment of donuts and coffee in the College Center Lobby. After, people have also gathered around in the Kuhrt Dining Hall (KDH) at noon to express their own opinions on sticky notes of what this week means to them personally. But check out these donuts though. Mmmm….DONUTS!!


Religious Tolerance Day was intriguing in the sense that I went there not expecting it to be so informative and engaging. It was an event that was led by Rev. Jan and Father Patrick of the Campus Ministry. The event discussed different religions and how they impact us on a daily basis. It was a time of sharing different cultural upbringings and seeing how religious studies progressed over time. This was an hour and a half open discussion that gave a lot of insight on how having faith and believing in something is a healthy part of life. Discussion was also followed by a short video in relation to religious tolerance for all. Pilar Nelson, who works under Yolanda Wood in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, had some input on this topic as well. Check out her interview by clicking here.

“A lot of faiths have lost their meaning…”

                                                                                   ~ Father Patrick


Steve Jagord of Pride WNY, had an informational meeting the following day on the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/sexual, Queer/Questioning) community. Yet, who knew there were so many components related to ones own sexuality. As some came to support the cause and others came just for extra credit, it was a fairly good turnout. With beverages and pizza as refreshments, it was a very engaging discussion that raised a lot of questions. Additionally, the day after was dedicated to workplace diversity which discussed discrimination within the workplace.

“Sexuality isn’t just one or the other; it is on a scale ranging between heterosexuality and homosexuality”

                              ~ Steve Jagord


Lastly, the DYC PEP RALLY!! Although not many people came to enjoy the games and snacks, it was a beautiful day. In the front lawn of KAB, there were tables set up with buckets of chips, cookies and water. Also, a free water bottle was provided for your travels in the blazing sun. Of course, Kan Jam and tossing bean bags were the two games that kept several students occupied between classes to shake some stress away. There was nothing but smiling faces that day!


Overall, the week was very fun and interactive. We’ve received a lot of thoughts about what Unity Week meant to students and gave away plenty of goodies and prizes from raffles. The DYC community really came together this week to promote peace and love for all and hopefully this tradition continues. GO DYC!!!


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