Pilar Nelson Reacts to DYC Unity Week Event (August 30, 2016)


“Religion reminds us to be humble in a way.”

                                                                                                         ~ Pilar Nelson

In addition to DYC Unity Week, Rev. Jan and Fat. Patrick of the Campus Ministry led a Religious Tolerance event that took place that Tuesday in the Blue Lounge. The event raised awareness on how religion and religious studies can play a role in our daily lives.

Pilar Nelson is a Graduate Assistant in the office of Multicultural Affairs alongside Ms. Yolanda Wood. As part of her title, she helps organize various programs along with other programming committees for the campus community. While there, she was kind enough to give us some of her own thoughts on this event. She felt it was a well put together informational meeting on religion, though she wishes more people would have attended. “The word “religion” is very misinterpreted” in response as to why she believed was the cause for such a turnout.

Overall, she believes religion helps to remind people to be less selfish and to become more unified as a whole. With hope of spreading the word to others, she feels it could change other student perspectives of the topic on a more educational level. Furthermore, Nelson sees this type of event as an idea in the future for all students of DYC.

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  • […] Religious Tolerance Day was intriguing in the sense that I went there not expecting it to be so informative and engaging. It was an event that was led by Rev. Jan and Father Patrick of the Campus Ministry. The event discussed different religions and how they impact us on a daily basis. It was a time of sharing different cultural upbringings and seeing how religious studies progressed over time. This was an hour and a half open discussion that gave a lot of insight on how having faith and believing in something is a healthy part of life. Discussion was also followed by a short video in relation to religious tolerance for all. Pilar Nelson, who works under Yolanda Wood in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, had some input on this topic as well. Check out her interview by clicking here. […]

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