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Career development is an ongoing process that starts as a student and continues on throughout your career. Being proactive about career decisions and maximizing opportunities is paramount to success in the workforce. As you progress through college and your career, you will gain many useful skills that will aide you in career development. D’Youville College’s Career Services Center can help you obtain these skills and enhance them. Both current students and alumni are welcomed by Career Services and given access to their resources to receive the guidance they need to be successful.

Identifying career interests and goals

findjobAn important step in pursuing your future career is to understand what your career interests and goals are. Whether you are just starting to think about your future career or are an alumnus looking to enhance your career or switch careers, identifying your career interests and goals is a fundamental first step. Determining your career interests will allow you to figure out what it is you like doing and what it is you don’t like doing, allowing you to find work that fits with your personality and preferred workstyle. Having career goals provides you with a reason to work, as well as a direction for that work. Knowing what kind of work you’re interested in and why you are engaging in that work will not only make it more meaningful, but it will also help you determine how to proceed with the process of finding a job and enhancing your career. The Career Services Center provides personalized services that can assist you in assessing your work interests and goals. This includes internship and graduate school goals as well.

Search for resources

Finding an internship placement, a graduate program, or a job opening that fits your career interests and goals can be challenging. Career Services can help you locate the resources you need and network. Whether you’re looking for a place to start or hit a wall during your searches, Career Services can provide you with guidance to help meet your needs. They can also help you locate scholarship information!

Developing skillsskills

Finding, applying, and interviewing for jobs requires you to develop and improve multiple skills that will help you succeed. Skills such as networking, interviewing, and resume writing are some of the big skills that will help you to succeed with your endeavors.  With the help of Career Services you can practice these skills and receive pointers on how to confidently go about navigating your way through the job market.

Resumes, cover letters, and letters of intent

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Cover letters, resumes, and letters of intent are often the first line of communication between an applicant and a potential employer, internship supervisor, or graduate school admissions committee. These materials provide a first impression of the applicant; therefore it is important that they be free of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as positively reflects your strengths and skills.  Having a strong resume and compelling letters are necessary not only to give you an advantage over the other applicants, but also to enhance your chances of being considered for a position.  An applicant who has submitted material with spelling and grammatical mistakes often does not make it into the candidate pool.

Likewise, a candidate who has submitted application material that does not showcase their strengths and relate them to their fit with the organization they are applying to typically do not get called for an interview. Career Services can help students and alumni with their application material and write compelling resumes, cover letters, and letters of intent.


D’Youville College’s Career Services Center is committed to serving current students and alumni in their career related endeavors. Alumni can make use of Career Services to help them find a job, change career paths, receive career counseling, and update skills. Alumni can also give back by volunteering with the Alumni Association and meeting with students who have similar career interests.

Current students

Current students can make use of Career Services at any time during their academic career. That includes your freshmen year! Whether you’re interested in finding volunteer opportunities, an internship placement, or are looking for a job Career Services can help you find resources and network. Graduate students can network with alumni and employers, look for resources, and even find opportunities through employer listings that have been brought to Career Services’ attention. You can access material online or make an appointment!


FOCUS-2 is an online program that allows current DYC students and alumni to plan their education and career. You can evaluate your educational and work skills, explore educational and career options, and create a portfolio to save careers and majors. An advantage of using FOCUS-2 is that the program allows you to explore and plan your education and career all in one central location, so you don’t have to worry about losing content! Focus-2 is accessible through the Career Services webpage. It is is free to sign up; however, it does require you use a DYC e-mail and obtain an access code from Career Services. More information on FOCUS-2 can be found on the Career Services webpage and by discussing it with Career Services during an appointment.

Purple Briefcase

Purple Briefcase is another online career planning tool available to alumni and current DYC students. It is accessible through the Career Services webpage. Purple Briefcase is an interactive platform which allows you to customize your profile to show off your skills, academic accomplishments, and other work related information to employers. It also allows you to track your career interests, jobs and internships you are interested in, and hone your job application skills. You can upload your resume and practice interviewing, as well as chat about other topics relating to your career such as being prepared or salary. As you explore Purple Briefcase you’ll find there are many more features available to help you plan your career and hone skills. The more familiar you become with the website, the more you will be able to determine which ones are the most useful to you. You can create an account for free and do not need an access code.

Events and workshops

Career Services holds events and workshops to help students explore opportunities and enhance their skills. Events such as the Annual Hiring and Networking Fair allow students to meet with potential employers and network. Other events, such as the Etiquette Dinner, teach students social skills that will help them succeed in both professional and personal endeavors where these skills are necessary. Career Services also works with student leaders and internship students to plan events and workshops.


Career Services has a Moodle page that houses information on a variety of topics for current students and alumni to explore. Here you can access content such as resume templates, major-specific information career information, job search tools, internship resources, and more information relating to skills such as interviewing, online marketing, and discovering your strengths. The Moodle is broken up so that students can easily find the information they are searching for based on their needs and major. Major specific information and resume templates are provided in order to help you tailor your information search and maximize your ability to market yourself. There is also a section on the ideal characteristics for DYC Majors, which is also broken down by major. This section provides an overview of the traits students in specific majors possess upon graduation. The information in this section can help you structure content to include in your resumes, cover letters, and other application material. It can also help you rehearse for an interview!



To schedule an appointment with Career Services you can access their Genbook from their webpage. When making an appointment you will be given the option to select from a list of services in order to personalize your meeting. Career Services can help in a variety of areas, such as the areas we have already listed. They can also help you with:

  • Professional branding: You can schedule an appointment with Career Services to help you market yourself and your professional skills. You can make an appointment based on more specific areas of interest as well, such as portfolio development, setting up and improving a LinkedIN profile, and networking.
  • Salary negotiation: You can learn about how to negotiate a salary and talk about salary expectations during a personalized counseling session.
  • Professional Biography: Career Services can help you learn how to create a professional biography. During this type of appointment you can discuss your concerns about a professional biography and learn how to integrate content from your resume and cover letter into one
  • References: You can make an appointment with Career Services in order to learn about obtaining recommendations. This is the time to ask about who you should use as a reference and how you should present these references to an employer, as well as other related concerns.

The Career Conversations series is researched and written by Brittany Souliske, a senior in the Psychology program who will be graduating in May of 2016.

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