Gifts for Your DYC Student

It’s that time of year again…holiday shopping time. Now the question becomes, what do you get that special DYC student in your life? DYC students are unique and have some pretty particular interests, so here is a list of gifts that your DYC student will love!

Anatomy Jewelry


What? Anatomy Jewelry you’re thinking, who would want that? A D’Youville student that’s who.

Maybe you want to show off your love of human anatomy AND your sharp wit and  cleverness, well this Hyoid Bone Pendant Necklace might be just right.


Cuddly Microbes


Whether you want a giant cuddly microbe or a wreath full of cuddly microbe ornaments, this site has options.  If you want to receive cuddly microbes all year, there is even a Microbe of the Month Club.

Survival Kits

Survival Kits are like gift baskets for your DYC student.

Know a new teacher or student teacher? How about a Teacher Survival Kit

teacher survival kit

Maybe a survival kit for a student starting clinicals or an internship?  Common survival kit items: coffee, chocolate, and post-its.

Science Nerdery


Periodic Table Shower Curtain is perfect for the student who needs a little extra study time.

Witty Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves a witty coffee mug. Perfect for many different students and professions.





Medical Professionals





So you see there are many options for the perfect gift for your D’Youville student. If you are stuck on what to get your DYC student, just remember our students are passionate about what they do, and love when others notice that.  If all else fails go with the old college student stand-bys…coffee, Netflix subscription, wine, and a comfy blanket for a nap and you’ll be fine.


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