Spook-tacular Healthy Treats for Halloween

Halloween is coming up DYCers! This time of year normally signals weekend costume parties, Friday nights with back-to-back scary movies and candy…like LOTS OF CANDY. I look forward to Halloween every year because there is never a shortage of cool parties to attend with amazing food and neat costumes to see. From DIY creepy crawly spider cupcakes to Frankenstein finger goodies; I have seen (and eaten) a fair share of Halloween noms that would make me wish I had 2 extra stomachs. But reflecting on our annual tradition, I can’t help but think that perhaps we should start including some new spins on the traditional treats we normally prepare, share and give out. Now, I’m not suggesting to run away from or pass on every single candy bar, but perhaps we could add healthier alternatives as a way to help change (in what little way we can) American eating habits, to cultivate preferences for healthier treats during this time of year. Lead by example, right?

With such a vast array of health-related concentrations at D’Youville, it is not uncommon to hear about the obesity epidemic or the growth of chronic disease incidences from annual reports. Even if you’re not a student in exercise and sports studies, nursing, pharmacy, public health, chiropractic or dietetics, you can still do something to make a positive health change for yourself, your family and your community.


Often, when it comes to thinking of “healthy” ideas, we tend to envision replacing delicious “junk foods” with bland and boring foods and you know what I’m talking about. Now I’m not suggesting you to pass out salads on Halloween night, but perhaps you could offer tasty, kid-friendly alternatives like mini-pack apple slices, fruit cups, peanut butter and cracker packs or raisins! Sometimes it’s just a matter of making small substitutions to the classics that kids probably are familiar with and already like.

Another option is to avoid food treats completely and give out items like mini-crossword books, Halloween-themed pencils, erasers, note pads and stickers or temporary tattoos. Personally, I have also given out dollar store-type hair accessories and mini toys. These I find, often sit very well with both kids and adults.

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If you’re a hands-on person and love making foods for the Halloween party, opt for alternatives like using applesauce as a sugar substitute or using olive oil instead of butter for your cookie or cake recipes. If you’re short on ideas, this site will sure to re-inspire you with tons of creative, fun and healthy DIY Halloween treats!

more-banansSpider Deviled Eggs

Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂

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