Layer Up: Invest in these clothes for Fall & Winter

You’re probably going to hate me for bringing this up but “winter is coming.” But first, there’s fall. The changing of the season from the lazy dog days of summer to the chillier evenings of autumn is a reminder for all of us to finally bust out the long sleeves, scarves, mitts and hats. As a college student, we often don’t have much flexibility with our budget to buy different clothes whenever we want. So what should you pick? Here are my top investment pieces.


What’s better than a sweater? They’re cozy, stretchy and versatile enough to flatter most body shapes and you can layer. If you’re not a fan of  pure wool sweater, not worries. You can find them in a variety of materials or blended materials.  As we transition to winter, thermals work well under sweaters to keep our bodies warm, dry and protected from the changing elements. Opt for colors that match your typical wardrobe. Another option is to choose darker or neutral hues so you can pair your sweater with your favorite pair of jeans or shoes!


Layered Jacket

This can be either an insulated windbreaker or a layered winter jacket that has a removable layer option. Many layered jackets today allow you to remove or add layers should the weather drastically change without notice. I suggest choosing ones with more versatility (and safety) – extra pockets, a detachable hood, raised collars (for wind protection), wrist gaiters, reflectors and moisture wicking technology for the best comfort and insulation.


This is probably your typical “go-to” gear as a student. Though probably not best for interviews and first impressions, sweats (on a causal school day) do provide added comfort, warmth and style! Opt for materials that feel best for you. People with sensitive skin or skin irritations should choose organic or soft blends like cotton, rayon, Lycra and, or fleece. Always try the clothing on before you buy it to make sure you don’t react to the fabric.

If you’re looking for D’Youville-branded sweats, you’ll find a ton at the college’s Barnes and Noble bookstore (in the College Center)! Sweatshirts are a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe because of its versatility and comfort. Many are made from cotton, blended cotton and other soft materials. It’s a great way to stay warm while showing your DYC school spirit on campus and anywhere you go. Find colors that match with the fall season, go with our school colors, or just be spontaneous! The choices are endless and the prices are pretty decent. Check out the bookstore for some new fall/ winter gear!

Socks/ Gloves/ Mitts

It may be too early to suggest these clothing accessories, but protecting your extremities as the temperature drops is important! Thick and insulated socks, gloves and, or mitts are good options to choose from and you can easily use them for the winter season to come! If you’re tech savvy, invest in a pair of touch-screen gloves so you don’t have to remove your gloves when you use your phone in the fall and winter. These gloves tend to be a bit pricier but it’s worth the investment if you are always on your phone! The D’Youville bookstore also carries some pretty neat fall/winter accessories that you can check out. I’ve seen gloves, scarves, and if you want to keep your head warm, they also carry hats and toques! Go early so you get the best selection of styles and colors!


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