Transfer Q & A: Best Colleges for Transfer Students

As a transfer student and a Student Ambassador (a fancy title for a tour guide) on campus, I get a lot of questions. As part of my final blog post I want to share the top questions that I’ve received from students considering D’Youville College.

What are all the costs of studying at D’Youville and how can I save money?

Deciding to go back to school is no easy feat but there are plenty of ways you can go about it without breaking the bank. If you’re American, look into work-study options. From my understanding, it just takes a little walk around campus and a knock on someone’s door to see if they’re hiring. If you’re Canadian, you’re a little more limited financially.


In the spring semester, you can apply for consideration for Endowed Scholarships. Take a moment to write up an application and an essay. You may end up getting a grant. Due to your I-20 status however, you will only be able to work on campus (upon getting a SSN, of course).


Then there are books…honestly, not every course we take in college will contribute to our career and that is totally okay. I’ve always loved my electives for making me a well-rounded (and more knowledgeable) individual. If there’s a particular book you don’t think you’ll need years from now, check out the DYC Montante Library. You just might be able to borrow it. Is it not there? Ask a classmate if you know they took the class last semester/year. Additionally, our school bookstore also has the option of renting books for a fee. Know all of your options!

Explore Your Housing Options

Last but not least…there is always the option of living off campus. While it might seem attractive to live by the school, the off-campus student housing proves to be a lot cheaper. Do some research! Do you want to live in a little neighborhood that is popping? Perhaps Allentown or Elmwood Village is more your thing. If not, there are plenty of apartments north and south of the school. Zumper is a cool app that you can download to find housing.

Safety: Is the D’Youville Area Safe?

Personally, I have lived off-campus for three years and haven’t had any incidents. On a monthly basis, the security department on campus sends out a little email write-up of what has happened on campus. Give it a quick skim. If you don’t live too far from campus, you can get a security guard to walk you home. I am and have been a huge advocate for this, ESPECIALLY if you’re walking home alone at night (and you’re a woman). They’re friendly people. What’s another friend, right? They will walk you anywhere 2-blocks out from school. Plus, DYC property and their parking lots are monitored and patrolled regularly.

If that isn’t something you’re comfortable with, study with a friend who lives close. You can walk home together! So yes, it is safe to study here. Just don’t be silly and leave valuables unattended. Theft is a problem wherever you go.

Will I need a car?

For my program, it has proven to be helpful. Ultimately, if your program is in the healthcare field, chances are high that you’ll need to do placements off campus. At the end of the day, I don’t think a car is necessary as long as you play nice with the
classmates in your program and see if they’re open to the idea of carpooling.

Well, this concludes my blog contributions to the DYC community! Thanks for taking the time to read about the things that mysteriously find themselves in the crevices of my brain.

Any Other Questions?

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