5 Reasons Why D’Youville is Great for Canadians

As a Canadian, I grew up hearing so much about our neighboring country, the United States. Because I studied at Ryerson University/a university in Toronto (yes, that is in Canada), I had so many ideas of what America and Americans were like.

Little did I know (at the time) that I would be completing my master’s degree in the small city of Buffalo, New York at D’Youville.  During my time studying in the U.S., I’ve had the opportunity to learn many invaluable lessons, both in and outside of the classroom setting, that I am grateful for. No, this is not a blatant advertisement that students should enroll at my awesome school. These are some of the reasons why my college isn’t half bad.

1. “When you’re here, you’re almost there.”What if health professionals make you sick just so they have a job?

Buffalo is a great city for teaching the health leaders of tomorrow – why, you ask? Buffalo has 13 hospitals in the city, not to mention the countless other health care organizations, not-for-profits and social services. As a Dietetics student, I’ve completed rotations at Sisters of Charity Hospital, Women and Children’s Hospital, Women Infants and Children (WIC), Erie County Medical Center, Food Bank of WNY…the list goes on. With a wealth of programs, Dietetics, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pre-Med, Chiropractics, (and now) Health Analytics & Public Health, DYC is at the forefront of the health care professions.

Oh, did I mention that I get free weekly chiropractic adjustments? Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

2. Sales Galore! 

I really can’t argue that living so close to Fashion Outlets has burned a little bit of a hole in my pocket. The sales tax in Buffalo is 8.9%, compared to a whopping 13% back home in Canada. The standard of living truly is something that makes Buffalo all that much more affordable of a place to live and go to school.

3. City of Good Neighbors

Buffalo - City of Good Neighbors graphicI have developed great relationships with many different people- whether it be with classmates in my program, students from other professions, neighbors, my professors…everyone has their own story and each is just as unique as the last. It really adds to the cultural diversity on campus. My professors actually give out their cell phone and home phone numbers also! They will most definitely be great references when I need them. I have also become good friends with a number of DYC staff. It is heartwarming to go to a small school where people know who you are.

Going to school at DYC has allowed me to make contacts that will be great professional and personal ties in the long run.

4. Living on the student budget: inexpensive domestic travel, fare (food) & gas

If you have read ANY of my blog posts, you would know that I’m a huge advocate of traveling. Because DYC is a huge commuter school, it attracts people from many walks of life and cities (or even countries). With wanderlust in my blood and little money to my name, I’ve had the luxury of visiting Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, San Diego and Sicily (Italy) during my time at DYC. Me and my friends have taken turns hosting trips in our home cities and kept our travel costs low! Also, these study buddies will make great allies in the future, especially if you want to work somewhere new after graduation.

Plus, the benefit of being in the states is that traveling anywhere else domestically is super affordable. A round-trip flight from Toronto (YYZ) to LA (LAX) would easily be $700-1000, but from Buffalo? …$400 😉

5. 20% off Tuition

As a Canadian, we are eligible for a 20% discount off tuition. A penny saved is a penny earned. Plus, our school regularly gives out free gear. With an annual Student Appreciation Day (in the fall) and Blah Buster day (in the spring), they have entire days allotted to free food, snacks and raffle opportunity-knockswinnings for the students. At our recent Health & Wellness fair, I won a DYC tote bag. Most of my friends have won DYC clothing, whether it is a shirt, hoodie or pants.

WELL I hope that if you stumbled upon this by accident that it has swayed you to believe that our school is awesome. And if all else fails to convince you, my advice (Canadian to Canadian) quite frankly is this- DYC is a stepping stone to working in the United States or even globally for that matter. 

The world begins where your comfort zone ends. 

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