Freshman Q&A: What Students Really Want to Know

At this point college brochures are getting a little old. They give you the facts but they don’t really answer the questions students have. There is so much more to college than what is written on paper. So I’ve answered some questions here, based on my experiences as a freshman at D’Youville College.

What are classes like?

EDITAccording to brochures, the average class size at D’Youville is 12 students. I’ve found that most of my undergraduate classes have at least 20 students. There are some very awesome teachers, and some not so awesome teachers. You can find out some information on a specific professor by going to However, with sites such as this one, you’ll have to take the information with a grain of salt, because the reviews are written by other students. Students can give helpful advice, or just be lazy bums who expected more to be given to them instead of earned.


How Much Free Time Will You Actually Get?

I personally have about 4-6 hours of free time each day. For example, on Fridays I get out of class at 2pm and have the rest of the day to do whatever. The average student takes between 5 and 7 classes per semester. When your classes are scheduled will depend on the availability of courses, as well as your own choosing. Some students prefer to get all of their classes done in the morning, while others prefer to sleep in.

So what you do during your free time is up to you. Now the responsible “Me” is telling you that you should use your free time to study and do homework, but the true college student “Me” is telling you that naps are such a wonderful thing. In fact, naps are proven to help you retain information, make you more alert, and decrease your chances of dying by heart complications. GO NAPS!

Safety on Campus?

EDIT1There are security posts in every building, as well as individual guards walking around campus. There are also emergency posts in every parking lot. The security personnel also offer a personal body guard service (I’d call it an escort service but that might be taken the wrong way…). Every few weeks all students received an emailed security report, where you can read about all of the issues security has dealt with and how it was resolved. The only action I have ever taken by reading the report is to laugh…really hard. The one thing students really have to worry about is theft, so don’t leave stuff unattended or on your car seats.

Food on Campus?

Food on the D’Youville campus is pretty decent. It’s not going to be Mom’s homemade cooking, but they try. There’s variety. But after a few weeks it will get old. The food service people provide comment cards and they love to hear feedback and suggestions. The service is great and they do their best to remember your name.

Restaurants in the area?

I don’t have a car, which makes finding a place to go out to eat slightly difficult. However, there are several restaurants that will deliver to the dorms and to the apartments. For example Chinese, Pizza, and subs. There are also a few decently-priced places in walking distance such as Burger King, McDonald’s, and there is a seasonal burger spot (they only have outdoor seating so they close sometime in October and open back up in April).

I hope my experiences help give a better picture of what to expect, however, there is plenty you will discover on your own!

Our Guest Blogger is Kaitlyn Griffin, a freshman student at D’Youville College in the Nursing program. If you have any questions or comments for Kaitlyn, feel free to submit them in the comments section below!

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