Food Truck Tuesdays Return to Larkin!

For those of you with summer classes, or those of you who want to “celebrate” the beginning of exams, a very popular event is coming back to town, and you won’t want to miss it.


The revitalized Larkin Square, where FTT is held.

A couple of years ago, Buffalo’s Larkin District began its’ massive revitalization, and began to plan events in the now very picturesque Larkin Square. What once used to be old, empty buildings are now the corporate offices for First Niagara Bank, as well as privately owned restaurants, and even a new brewery!

All this excitement surrounding the district led the developers to try and think of an event that would attract people to this district, now restored to part of its’ former glory (it is still in progress!)

This event? Food Truck Tuesdays.

This year, beginning on May 5th, Larkin Square will play host to over 20 food trucks from Buffalo, Rochester, and everywhere in between. Every Tuesday between 5 and 8PM, come down to Larkin to have some food, drinks, and to listen to live music. There is free parking offered in the Larkin lots, and ample parking on the side streets. Just be prepared to wait in line—this event is a popular one!

Although I have been to FTT many times, I have a few favorite trucks to visit myself. Here are some recommendations:


Lloyd’s Taco Truck

Lloyd’s Taco Truck: This one is a no-brainer. If you are a Buffalonian, you know this classic white and green color scheme like the back of your hand. If you aren’t, perhaps you have heard of the tacos on a restaurant competition program, that they actually ended up winning. The tacos are exquisite, the burritos are huge, and the sense of humor in this truck is fantastic. Just remember to come by early for this one and be prepared to wait, the line is long.


Amy’s Truck

Amy’s Truck: This is one of my Mom’s favorites, and the food is really good! The owner of this truck also has a restaurant, called Amy’s Place, on Main Street. They specialize in classic American and various vegan foods. The hummus wrap I tried from this truck was very fresh, and had some excellent flavor.


Fally Mac

Fally Mac: The comfort food lover? This one is for you! The various kinds of mac-n-cheese offered on this menu change frequently, but I promise, each one is as delicious as the next! The portion sizes here are rather large, and the mac is always served in a box, which provides an easy to-go solution! My only advice here is to hit this one early, as often times, they run out of mac-n-cheese before the night is over.

And for the sweet tooth:


The Sweet Hearth

The Sweet Hearth: If you can name a dessert, The Sweet Hearth probably has it. My particular favorites are the cakes they make, always moist, fresh, and their frosting is amazing. If you’re looking for the perfect ending to your meal, stop here, it is usually not that crowded, and the staff is always great.

Those are just some of the trucks that stop by every Tuesday. There are many, many more, and each truck has something special to offer to the event. A word of the wise, bring napkins! Also, there really aren’t any seating areas, and the ones that are open are filled almost instantly. Bring some folding chairs if you’d like to sit.

The thing that is great about this event is that it’s perfect for a college night out. Enjoy the fresh air, live music, and good food all in the heart of Buffalo. The prices are average, and it usually depends on the truck, but you are really paying for quality food.

If for some reason you can’t make it to Larkin, follow the trucks on Twitter! They will often get together for ‘Rodeos’ at different places throughout Buffalo all summer—make it an adventure!

Food Truck Tuesdays will run in Larkin Square through October. For more information, visit the Larkin Square Food Truck Tuesday page.

If you’d like to see some of the trucks and their websites, visit the Buffalo Food Trucks page.

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