What’s Springing in Buffalo?

Spring is officially here (finally)! I think we had more than our fair share of snow this winter…and quite frankly, I’m ready to stash my shovel and snow gear in the closet for good. March is one of my favorite months – the weather gets warmer, new seasonal foods come out, more people start mingling on the streets and you can feel the excitement as the school term comes to an end.

As an avid foodie, March always signals the emergence of new foods. What I love about the spring season is the abundance of transitional foods in the market place and in the grocery stores at this time of year. I often see foods like asparagus, fresh scallions, carrots, lamb, fennel, rhubarb, kumquats and plenty more! The colors and smells abound with the essence of Spring. So why not celebrate March and try a recipe or two if you have time? Seasonal produce and foods this time of year are a lot cheaper so you won’t really break your grocery budget!


two terrariums on table

Terrariums have recently become a popular item to have in many smaller homes.

Speaking of plants this season, I would like to grow my very own micro-garden or terrarium. Living in a studio myself, this is the perfect addition…and it looks pretty sleek and stylish when it’s hung from the ceiling! You can give this project a try too! Let me know how it goes.

Community Events!

What’s also exciting about this time of year are the community events happening right around our neighborhood. Jazz band performances, local market events, flea and artisan markets, trade shows, garden shows, conventions and outdoor concerts abound! What fun!

Niagara Wine Region
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore the Niagara wine region too, which is right across the border in Ontario! At this time of year, wineries host amazing food and wine pairing events and demos where you can learn more about your reds and whites, while indulging in some gastronomical delights. Your taste buds will be in for a treat!

What are you still sitting around for? Get out there and have some fun!

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