Buffalo Gets a Winter Facelift

As a Buffalo native, it’s so exciting to see so many winter activities  coming closer to D’Youville! About 10 minutes from campus, the Canalside area popularly known for the Thursday concert series has once again shown us just how awesome Buffalo is.

Watch the winter skaters as you walk on the bridge over the frozen canal!

Watch the winter skaters as you walk on the bridge over the frozen canal!

Canalside: aka Winter Wonderland Buffalo Style

What was a construction site over the summer has transformed into a winter play land. Some friends and I had an opportunity to check out the Canalside renovations last week and we were not disappointed!

If you are thinking about driving to the waterfront from campus, there are many public lots nearby for a small fee. If you’re willing to walk a little ways there was quite a bit of street parking.

Skate the Canal!

Part of the canal is now an outdoor rink open to the public for skating and ice biking everyday! I recommend checking the Canalside website for daily skate times, but it seems like the area is open most days after school hours and the greater portion of the weekend.  Ice bikes and skates can be rented on site, but you can also bring your own ice skates. There are concessions with winter staples such as nuts and hot cocoa as well as outdoor tented areas with warming lamps to sit and get warm while skating.

Watching the skaters and bikers at canalside.

Watching the skaters and bikers at Canalside

Try Your Hand (or Broom!) at Curling

There is a separate area of the ice devoted to curling, a popular winter sport in areas of northern Europe and Canada. Curling involves sliding flat circular stones toward a target on a sheet of ice and using brooms to control its speed and direction. Get 3-9 friends together to form a team and reserve an hour on the ice.

Watching the canalside curlers in action.

Watching the Canalside curlers in action

If you are interested in seeing the game played, there are benches with heating lamps nearby to sit and watch. There are also bridges crossing the various portions of the curling and skating areas to view the skaters and the curling field from above. There were many people the day that we visited watching the curling games; it was really fun to sit and cheer the players on!

CurlingQuick Study Break

Even if you’re not interested in renting skates or curling and you just need a short study break, the Canalside area is free and open to the public to walk around and enjoy. There are several benches and areas to sit and walk around. Some people were even sketching and taking photos while we visited. I hope you are able to take a quick study break this month and check out winter at Canalside!

Overlooking Canalside ActivitiesHave you explored Canalside this winter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



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