Spring Semester: What I’m Looking Forward To

1. Blah Buster Day.

You know that D’Youville cares when they have days to rid you of those winter blahs! Similar to Student Appreciation Days, I typically roam the hallways of KAB, ALT & DAC to enter contests, raffles and get free goodies along the way.

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But don’t quote me on it – the DL manager (our school email) gives you an EXACT LISTING of what college departments are participating and what freebies they’re giving or raffling off. Man, that buffalo cheese dip is scrumptious. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out…

2. Downtown Buffalo

Over the course of the last year, Buffalo has been developing a budding and prosperous waterfront. Only recently did I realize that they are now home to the Harbor Center, 2 NHL sized ice rinks and a Tim Horton’s restaurant that flaunts Buffalonian history and decor.  There is also a new sports bar, the 716, boasting 13,000 square feet of sports heaven. Guess where I’ll be next Sabres-Leafs (and just to clear the air, the Leafs are Toronto’s hockey team!) game?!


3. SAGE Regionals.

If you’re an avid reader of my blog posts, which I’m sure you are, you know that I’m the President of the Enactus club at DYC. The foundation of our club is to help the community based on the interests of our student members. One of our projects is entitled Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE). In a number of high schools across the Buffalo region, our DYC student members are hard at work, helping high school students create a business of their own. On Friday, April 11th 2015 we will be hosting a regional competition at D’Youville (in the Blue Lounge) to showcase their efforts. From there on, student clubs will advance to SAGE Nationals in San Francisco from June 3-6th, where they will compete with schools across the country. I can’t wait; it has always been an eye-opening experience to see what a splash of passion, a mix of innovation and drizzle of spirit will create.

4. Spring Break (March 21-29th 2015).

It wouldn’t be a spring semester without spring break right? Call me a Debbie Downer, but I’m looking forward to the break already. In between my clinical rotations, thesis, work and everything else in between, I think that this break will be well deserved. Besides, I’m planning a trip to NYC to refresh for the rest of the semester. Talk about a cultural learning experience.this-is-earth-everything-looks-normal-around-the-nyc-skyline-so-far

Important Dates:

Jan 13: Classes Begin
Jan 20: MLK Day
Feb 17-18: Winter Break (No Classes)
March 4: Honors Convocation
March ?: Blah Buster Day (TBD – read your emails!)
March 21-29: Spring Break
Apr 3: Good Friday
Apr 6-Apr 10: Advisement Days
Apr 11: SAGE Regional Competitions
May 2: Last Day of Classes
May 4-9: Final Exams

Hopefully that quick recap of important dates was helpful. Also, keep in mind that the International Fiesta was postponed last semester due to the snowstorm; keep your eyes peeled on your emails! What are you looking forward to this spring semester? Leave a comment in the comments section below!

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  • Can’t wait to see The Rinks @ The Harbor Center in downtown Buffalo.

    After serving as an Sidney 2000 Olympic Chiropractor on the Honduran National Soccer Team, I have a better grasp of how a great training venue such as The Rinks will help young athletes in their path to success. Also as our new Chiropractic Students can be acclimated to Sports Chiropractic care and certification.

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