The D’Youville Student ID: Your New Golden Ticket

Let’s face it: being in college isn’t cheap. Between tuition, textbooks, going out with friends, and that concert you want to go to, there’s quite a hefty bill to pay. Fortunately for us, some very popular brands in the United States realize this, and offer students various discounts.

Student_IDMost of these discounts have been found by asking around, as most retailers don’t post their student discount if they have one. Usually, you are eligible to get up to a 15% discount on certain items in certain stores.

The following is a list of discounts I’ve been able to find, and what they apply to. It’s great to know that that little card can do more than get you food and into the fitness center on campus!

1) dellApple, Microsoft, and Dell always have back to school student deals. Most of the time it is discounted software or a gift card, but Dell offers a free tablet with the purchase of a laptop for $699.00 or higher.

2) AMC Theatres offer a discount on all tickets purchased on Thursday nights with a valid student ID.

3) offers a reduced Prime rate for students. For $39.00 a year, you can get access to free two day shipping, as well as discounted textbooks and free streaming services.

4) Ann Taylor offers a 15% discount on full-price merchandise.

1274374461store_details_banana5) Arby’s will give you 10% off your purchase.

6) Banana Republic offers a 15% discount to both students and teachers with a valid ID shown.

7) Barnes and Noble has a wide variety of discounted books and textbooks on their website.

8) Burger King will take 10% off.

1024px-Burger_King_Logo.svg9) Get 10% off your total food order at Buffalo Wild Wings.

10) Chipotle will toss in a free drink to go with your meal if you show your ID.

11) Dairy Queen generally offers 10% off, but this depends on the location, so be sure to ask!

12) H&M will give you 15% off your purchase.

13) J.Crew offers 15%.

14) Another 15% off at The Limited!

download15) The Melting Pot is home to college night. A pot of fondue is $5.00 per person with a valid ID. This event usually happens once each semester for two nights. “Like” their Facebook page to learn more!

16) McDonald’s will give you 15% off.

17) Qdoba will also give you a free drink with purchase.

18) Subway offers a 10% discount.

These are only a few places around the Buffalo area that I have investigated, but I’m sure there are many more! Don’t be afraid to ask a retailer if their store offers a discount…the worst they can say is “no”!

Do you know of any places that offer student discounts? Please let us all know in the comments section below!




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