5 Things to Get You Through Finals Week

Well everyone, November is upon us, and that means only about four weeks of this Fall semester at D’Youville remains! November is when things start to get busy between family and the holidays, as well as school. So, in an effort to help you guys out, I would like to share some of my tips for helping you get through the home stretch here, and of course the big one: Finals Week.


1) Be Well Rested.

downloadI really can’t stress how important this one is. Sleep is essential to everything else on this list. It helps your body maintain its’ health, and keeps your brain functioning to its’ maximum potential. Without sleep (as most of you probably know), you’re drowsy, irritable, and just no fun to be around.

Sleep is extremely important from here on out, to establish a routine for yourself that you can rely on. I know things get busier, and if you weren’t sleeping in September, you’re probably not sleeping now, but trust me when I say this: Don’t pull an all-nighter before any quiz, exam, or test. Since you’ve exhausted your brain and body, you won’t retain anything. It is better to go to bed at a decent hour to allow yourself to recharge than try and cram.

2) Don’t Stop the Fun, Just Tone it Down a Bit.

This one will probably be everyone’s least favorite. Everyone likes to have fun, whether it’s going out to eat, going to a party with friends, or just sitting around playing video games. Well, the days of spending a lazy Sunday on the Xbox should be over. Instead of spending a whole day, spend an hour or two. That way, you can use the rest of your time to do some reviewing and re-writing of your notes, even if it isn’t “hard core” studying.

Enjoy the plentiful events on campus, but remember, the key to success with exams is to start early and make sure you’re prepared. Finals week is in four weeks (which will feel like three hours on the college student’s timetable), so be sure to realize this…don’t let those exams sneak up on you and catch you without being prepared. Also remember, there is Thanksgiving Break in there…get some study time in now so you can enjoy the food and your family!

3) Eat Healthy.

imagesNow why does this matter? It matters because it seriously helps your brain out. Feeding your body the right nutrients and the right foods will make a huge difference in the way you function. Sleep all you want, but if you eat nothing but 100 Grand Bars, you will gain weight and still be exhausted. Your body and your brain need certain nutrients to function properly, and your brain needs to be on its’ A-Game to be able to hold all of your info for exams.

If you struggle to find healthy food options, the Dietetics department offers a healthy lunch every Tuesday for $5, called “Good4UToGo”. You’ll see the posters around campus, and it is usually sent out in a DL on Sunday or Monday. These are great options for you guys who want a change from the PVR, or an alternative for commuters who usually grab something from 7-11.

4) Set Study Goals.

You have four weeks. Start breaking up your classes and subjects. Get organized! Figure out when your exams are. Be sure to check the syllabus, as some finals are given during class time. It is extremely important to know when and where your exams are, as sometimes they are not given in the same room your class takes place in.

I know it sounds annoying and time consuming, but make a schedule via an app or Excel. Put everything you must do into the schedule. Supplement the rest of your time with studying, and some personal time too. This will make sure you’re organized, and that you give every subject some time in your studies. Often, when you are overwhelmed, it is easy to forget about some things. This will ensure that you don’t!

5) Be Confident!

keep-calm-and-be-confident-18Although the easiest things to say are: “The Exam was SO hard!” or, “We never learned that!”, the ultimate deciding factor is you. You’re in control of how you do. Slack off and cram, or study hard and be rewarded.

Be confident in yourself! You’ve gone to class, suffered through some tests, and maybe even accidentally missed a homework assignment or two. But that’s all in the past. Learn from your mistakes, and kick butt on those exams. If you think you can do it, you will do it, and that’s been proven numerous times.

Enjoy the beautiful month of November in Buffalo!


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