Building Nursing Leaders: DYC’s Nursing Workforce Diversity Program

The nursing workforce is not as diverse as it could be. D’Youville College is playing a role to change that through the Nursing Workforce Diversity Program.

DYC is one of only 41 schools nationwide to be awarded a federal Nursing Workforce Diversity Grant. This program helps build nursing leaders in under-served populations in Buffalo – at the high school and college level. 


D’Youville & East High School 

At the high school level students at Buffalo’s East High School have the opportunity to take part in the Health Occupations Technology program which partners with D’Youville College and Kaleida Health. Students get training, experience and 108 clinical hours needed to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). All of the students take the CNA certification test in May of their senior year and can graduate high school with the ability to step into an entry-level job in the healthcare field.  

What truly impresses me about the program is it also provides compensation for the East High School students based on attendance. This allows them to reap the benefits of having an after school job without taking away from their main focus which is school. In addition they attend SAT Prep classes and take field trips to colleges. This exposure allows East High students to receive information they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.


College Students & Nursing Workforce Diversity

At the college level, the program provides 25 D’Youville nursing students with mentoring, academic support, and stipends to ensure their graduation from the program. This in turn gives nursing students the opportunity to have a job on campus allowing them to build their resumes.

The grant-funded program is run by Rhonda Bivins and Deandra Modica. This is my first year working with the program but I really enjoy it.

chris3I’m a tutor for the Nursing Workforce Diversity Program, which means that I assist students with various subjects and offer advice for college applications and career paths. I like helping with homework and love giving advice to help with career opportunities that are available.

Rhonda and Deandra always have a lot of positive energy and they have done a great job making both tutors and students feel comfortable. I think the resources the program provides both East High School students and D’Youville College students is amazing. My career plans are to become an educator and this program allows me the privilege to get experience.



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