What is HCOP?

I’m a student in the HCOP program at D’Youville. What is HCOP? It stands for Health Careers Opportunity Program and it’s a federally-funded outreach and academic support program for high school and current D’Youville college students interested in careers in healthcare.

If you’re majoring in one of six healthcare programs at D’Youville, you may be eligible to participate in HCOP. Also psychology and sociology majors who are interested in pursuing graduate programs in: behavioral health (i.e., clinical or counseling psychology, clinical social work, and/or marriage and family therapy) are also eligible.

What’s in it for Me?

As a student in the Pre-Matriculation or Retention programs, you’ll learn study skills, time management techniques, while honing your leadership skills. The program is designed to help YOU stay on track academically, through one-on-one personal mentoring. Another great benefit to this program is that you receive a stipend (that means money in your pocket) based your participation and attendance.

Saturday Academy

The HCOP program involves a mandatory Saturday Academy, held on the DYC campus. We meet from 8:30-3:30pm on Saturdays for a variety of activities, including tutoring sessions. We have guest speakers talk to us regarding health career opportunities, meet with alumni from various programs, and go on field trips.

HCOP Adventure to Beaver Hollow

photo(4)This past Saturday we had the privilege of visiting the Beaver Hollow Conference Center, situated on 300 acres of natural woodland in Wyoming County. Fun fact: Beaver Hollow is home of the Biggest Loser Resort! (This is the resort that is a spin off of the hit NBC show “The Biggest Loser”).

Our trip with HCOP to Beaver Hollow was amazing: on top of the beautiful scenery I had the chance to get to know other students very well through some fun team-building and trust exercises.

One of the trust exercises we did was participating as a team, and navigating a blind-folded student through the woods. We also tried walking on tight ropes which was extremely difficult, and rock climbing which was also a lot of fun. Finally we went fishing which I had never tried before, but I did catch a decent-sized bass.


I only had time for a few things Beaver Hollow offered but I enjoyed them all!

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