Cup of Java, anyone?

In the trendy streets of Elmwood lie an array of coffee shops & cafes that attract the everyday foodie/caffeine-driven student to their doors.  Follow me on my adventures, or rather study sessions, as I review the yay’s and nay’s of my many restless nights spent sipping away my cappuccino and burning the night oil.


Uno. Panera Bread

– They have their own parking spots for customers, score! There is also a lot of tables & couches everywhere so it usually isn’t hard to find a spot.
– I love the huge selection of drinks, soups, salads & sandwiches. They have a soup & salad combo under $10 that I love. Plus: you have to try their bread bowl (with their soups)!

–  Their hours. They might close at 7pm or 9pm, depending on the evening you stop by.

Dos. Spot Coffee & Coffee Culture

– They both have WiFi and outlets galore. They also have quite the selection of foods & drinks to choose from. (P.S. Coffee Culture has a deal/freebie if you check in on their foursquare app.)
– They have comfy sofas which are few and far between but if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be able to snag one!
– They close later- 11pm/12pm. That makes it easier to cram 5-6 hours of studying in one sitting (if you are a procrastinator or an eager beaver, whichever hat fits).
– I personally prefer Spot Coffee because they don’t have Canadian franchises.

Hot beverage from SpotCons:
– Both cafes do not have their own private parking lot so you have to try your luck with finding a parking spot. My only qualm with this is that Elmwood has so many one-way streets that it becomes hard to navigate around to find a spot.
– Sometimes, these coffee shops exhibit local artists which have become a hindrance a few times while studying. Then again, if you need a quiet area to get work done, maybe coffee shops aren’t for you. Be sure to bring your headphones!

Tres: Caffe Aroma
– They have a small patio outside which I imagine would be amazing to enjoy the beautiful weather & ambiance that is Elmwood. It would be a nice place to enjoy a good book during the summer time. But conducive to studying? No sir.
– It’s a good place to hang out if you’re just catching up with a friend. It can get a little rowdy though (I was there during the evening).

– They have a 2 hour limit on their WiFi; you’ll need a code that gives you 2 hours of access… what’s up with that? Very discouraging for students.
– This cafe gives me the typical hipster cafe vibe. It is relatively small, so it can be a bit of a challenge to find a seat, let alone one close to an outlet.
– If you’re driving, you have to resort to off street parking

Cuatro: Morning Glory
Last but not least, the only coffee shop within walking distance of our beloved school.

– location; it is right beside D’Youville College which makes it walking distance for after school hang outs or study sessions
– excellent, friendly & quick service; despite the fact that the waitress was also the cook & cashier, she was very helpful and efficient
– great food: i loved my order. The orange & cranberry infused bread was very tasty and added a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to my meal; it gave the overall sandwich a sweet and tangy kick. The tea was also very delicious

– The hours leave a lot to be desired. Closing at 3 or 4pm seems to give Morning Glory a more ”upscale” vibe, however, it takes away from a lot of potential business from students who have late classes or want to cram in a study session at a nearby coffee shop
– No parking; then again, there is a lot of off street parking


At the end of the day, I like exploring different venues, whether it be for school or pleasure. Ultimately, franchised cafes seem to be more efficient and purposeful for the average study session, given their operating hours.

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