Survival Guide: Exam Week

As a graduate student I have tried nearly every strategy to get through exam week, from pulling all nighters, living on coffee, and listening to lectures while I’m sleeping. Some things work, and some definitely don’t! Here are some tips and services you might want to take advantage of around campus and Buffalo.

Extended Library Hours
Can’t get any work done at home? Take advantage of our school’s extended library hours the week before exams and the week of exams.


Know When Your Exams Are
Make a calendar and plan ahead when all of your exams are scheduled. Many are during normal class hours but some are not. Check the final exam schedule now to prepare for any schedule conflicts.

Get Help
Check out our tutoring center on campus for one on one peer tutoring by stopping in KAB 414 or professional tutoring by appointment on the tutoring page.


Feeling overwhelmed by school or other issues in your life? Check out the school counseling center and talk to one of the licensed mental health counselors.

Bless Your Brains
Before every exam week, campus ministry has a “Blessing of the Brains” mass to pray for all students. Stop by campus ministry KAB 121 to learn more.

Lose Some Stress
Burn off your excess stress by taking a run or a swim over at the College Center. The link  lists some of the services offered as well as the gym hours.

evolation yoga class

Evolation Yoga is a short drive from school on Elmwood Avenue by Starbucks Coffee and Buffalo State College. The classes are for all ages and levels. I had never tried a bikram class before going; I was able to follow the class without much difficulty and left feeling balanced and rested. There are discounts with a student ID, and if you sign up with your email address, you will receive a free class on your birthday and anniversary of your first class.

Change it Up!
Do you always study in the same spot? Try different places to study to prevent from getting bored and losing your focus. There is Morning Glory Café on Porter Avenue, Niagara Street Public Library right by campus, Spot Coffee on Elmwood if you prefer a busier atmosphere, or UB Medical Campus Library for peace and quiet.

University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library

University at Buffalo Health Sciences Library

Drink Water, Be Careful of Too Much Caffeine, Eat, Sleep
It might sound like common sense, but it can be easy to forget the simple stuff when you are so focused on studying. You want to feel your best so you can do your best! Eating balanced meals, staying hydrated, and getting enough sleep will allow you to focus better on what you need to get done. Some caffeine is ok, too much leaves you jittery, scatterbrained, and even prevents you from falling asleep.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Once your exam is over, move on and prepare for the next one. It can be easy to get hung up on a concept you may have forgotten for a test and lose focus on the exams you haven’t taken yet!

Once your exams are over, relax and celebrate! You’ve worked and now it’s time for winter break!!!


Do you have suggestions on ways to prepare for exam week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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