I’m Not Talking About an Essay… I’m Talking About SA

Student Association, SA for short (not essay) is a hard-working and motivated collection of students who make up D’Youville’s College’s Student Government.


Student government student association d'youville collegeWhat is SA?

SA is all about the students. It’s is a way to be heard; it gives students the opportunity to bring their ideas and concerns to the attention of the college.

  • There are four student elected officer Student government student association d'youville collegepositions on SA: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer
  • Each class as well as non-traditional, part-time, and graduate students elect peers to represent them as student senators.
  • Elections occur in the fall for freshman and in the spring for everyone else.
  • Any senator positions not filled in by the fall semester become senator at large positions that may be filled by any student.



There are five committees in SA: programming, public relations, issues, athletics, and Catalyst. Students may join or attend any of the committee meetings. So get involved!

Old time photos taken at country night last semester

Old time photos taken at the country night SA hosted last semester

Programming Committee

This committee plans all of the student events on campus like movie nights, Mega Bingo, comedians, and hypnotists.

Public Relations Committee

They get the word out about SA and events organized by programming committee through word of mouth, social networking, and flyers around campus. The committee is also responsible for organizing many of the giveaway items prospective students receive at open house!

Issues Committee

Student association student government landscaping fargo circleThey help improve the college campus and resolve issues brought forth to them by students. Some projects they’ve worked on are:

  • Landscaping in the Fargo traffic circle
  • Getting extended computer lab hours
  • Funding for a new microwave in the library
  • New furniture on the second floor of the Bauer Family Academic Center

Athletics Committee

They promote the D’Youville sports teams and host athletic events including:

  • tailgate parties before soccer games
  • dodge ball tournaments
  • Bills tickets for students

Catalyst Committee

Cover of The Catalyst
This committee contributes, edits, designs, and delivers the DYC student newspaper called “The Catalyst.” Students can submit classified ads to the paper for free! In addition, students who write or take pictures for the Catalyst can receive up to $15 per issue for their contributions that get published.

But Wait, There’s more!!!

Student Association also supports the numerous student clubs on campus and often sponsors them to go to conventions or host campus events. Students traveling to school-related conventions or service trips can also request financial aid for the trip from Student Association. Members of Student Association then agree on an amount to award the student and vote to approve the award. Awards are usually given to anyone who requests the money as long as there are funds available and the requesting student follows all the proper procedures.

Get Involved!

If you are interested in getting involved in SA or want more information about it please e-mail Tony Spina at spinaaw@dyc.edu.



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