Ethnic Eats Near Campus for the Buffalo Foodie: Cantina Loco

I have to admit – being close to an international border isn’t the only reason why I love the location of D’Youville College… it is also only a few blocks away from some of the best eats in Buffalo. If you are new to the area, I’m talking about what we call “Elmwood” and “Allentown.” Some of my favorite places to get a bite to eat are on Elmwood Avenue including Globe Market, The Lexington Co-operative Market, and Pano’s, just to name a few. Just in the past few months I discovered a new favorite, Cantina Loco, a tacos and tequila bar with the most delicious Tex-Mex food. Then two weeks ago I received an e-mail from the International Student Club via the DYC News Brief inviting students to join them for their first “Taste of Buffalo” event. Being the foodie that I am, I couldn’t resist the invite!

Cantina Loco

When we got to the taco & tequila bar at 4:00 pm, the aroma of Tex-Mex cuisine was all it took for my mouth to water and my stomach to growl. The restaurant-goers included families, college students, and business people alike, some in jeans while others all chicken cheese and avocado quesadilladressed up. Luckily, the International Student Club arranged reservations, as it is almost impossible to snag tables without them on the weekends. Once we sat down and had time to order, we ordered three sets of “Nachos Locos” to start…which we soon found out could have been enough food for the whole meal! Nevertheless, we all ordered entrees that were already being freshly made. On this occasion I tried the “Chicken, Cheese, & Avacado” quesadillas complete with poblano sour cream, peppers, onions, sour cream, and jalapenos. Did I mention it was only $5.50 for a large quesadilla? And boy, was the food delicious! (And the guacamole was made just how I like it!) Some of my other favorites from Cantina Loco include chicken or carnitas tacos, enchiladas, rice & beans, and their chips & dips, of course. I also heard their Koreatown and California Fish tacos are fantastic as well.  We all had a great afternoon getting to meet new people; and to make it even better, the International Student Club gave $5 subsidiaries to each of the D’Youville Students!

The next time you are looking to try something new or want a night out with friends, give students at Cantina LocoCantina Loco a call. They are only a 15-minute walk or a 3-minute drive! They also have a takeout menu if you need to get back to the library to study for finals!


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