Time to Spare? Bowl. (Ideas for Study Break Activities)


As we reach midterms, it is easy to feel weighed down by a long to-do list of studying, projects, and presentations. I find myself glued to a seat for hours in the library trying to get as much work done as possible before my brain stops working from exhaustion. As much as sitting in the library can help to get some work done, I find nothing rejuvenates me more than taking 30 minutes or an hour (maybe two!) to take a break.

As a college student, here are some of my favorite study break activities:

  • Walking, yoga, or any kind of exercise to release built up tension and stress
  • Grabbing a bite to eat with a friend
  • Turning up the tunes and cleaning a room in my house, or in my dorm room if I am at school
  • Skyping friends and family back home
  • Walk to 7-11 or to D’Youville’s Spartan Café for a cup of coffee
  • Or participating in random events and activities happening at D’Youville like a movie night, a Kavinoky production, or Blah Buster Day (which is coming up again on March 12)!

student getting ready to bowlThis past week I was in dire need of getting away from the books and doing something fun with friends, so I took the rest of the night off and went to Voelkers Lanes for some late night bowling! The bowling alley was just a few minutes down the road on the corner of Amherst Street and Elmwood Avenue and was extremely affordable. Okay, so it helped that DYC’s Student Association sponsored this bowling night. They not only covered the price to play two games and rent bowling shoes, we got to enjoy a slice or two of pizza as a late night snack. There was somewhere between 75 to 100 D’Youville students there!

But even if you missed this bowling night, there are always specials going on for college students. All day and night on Sundays and Tuesdays and after 10 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, it only costs $1.50 per game to bowl! Now that’s affordable.

Here are some more pictures from the night:

bowling scoresStudents posing for picturestudent bowlingstudents posing for picture

Even if you have never bowled in your life, it’s 100% worth going. A night out here and there with friends can be just what you need to keep you working hard all the way till Spring break (and Summer!).


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