Rise & Shine Spartans – Help For Early Mornings

I don’t know many people who jump out of bed saying, “I just can’t WAIT to get to my 8:00am organic chemistry class!”  I don’t know many people who would be that excited to jump out of bed at the crack of dawn to go to Disneyworld. There is just something about dragging yourself out of bed while it’s still dark outside that doesn’t seem natural. Here I have some tips that have helped me limit my use of the snooze button and not bite any heads off before breakfast.

1) Become a night showerer.

I know! I was a die-hard morning showerer too. Then I had to take classes like Microbiology Lab and Quantity Food Preparation at 8:00am. I reasoned these were my options:

A – Get out of bed an hour earlier to get freshly squeaky cleaned just to mess with bacteria and fungi or sauté three pounds of onions OR

B – Shower the night before and sleep in an extra hour since I know I’m going to want to shower again as soon as I get home.

Clearly B was the preferred option. As a bonus, I sleep better after a relaxing shower and I don’t dry out my hair and skin by washing it twice in one day.

2) Make a playlist.

Whether it’s your half-hour commute or your five-minute walk, everything is better with tunes.  Load up your iPod with whatever pumps you up. Maybe you’ll want to search iTunes or Spotify for keywords like “breakfast” or “Friday” and coordinate your playlists accordingly. I know when I’m trekking to class early on a Friday morning and I hear Montell Jordan sing “This is how we do it, it’s Friday night and I feel alright, the party’s here on the West side.” I think “Yes! It is Friday and I am on the West side and I am going to make this class on research methods as much of a party as I can.” Or maybe you’ll want to just throw all of your guilty pleasure music on there like Spice Girls and Earth, Wind, & Fire. I mean, not that I like that stuff or anything.

3) Have something delicious to look forward to.

I don’t know about you, but food motivates me. Maybe that’s why I’m a dietetics major. If I know I’ve cut some fresh fruit the night before and stored it in the fridge it gives me a little more reason to get out of bed. Even something like a hot tea in a commuter mug that you can drink on the way helps.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can also be a little luxury that helps ease the pain of the morning.

4) Make like a boy scout.

Be prepared. Do as much as you can the night before. Pack your bag, make your lunch if you bring one, and pick your outfit. If when that alarm goes off you know all you have to do is take a leisurely stroll around your living quarters gathering up the stuff you got all set the night before it will make the morning much less stressful.

In summary, here is your new early morning plan: Wake up. Be thankful for another day. Take a deep breath. Stretch. Carry out tips in this article. Thank me for the much better morning you’ll enjoy.

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