Tank Top, Flip Flops, Shorts Yay Summer! Oh Wait… It’s March

Just by taking a step outside today and soaking it all in one would hardly believe that it isn’t summer time!  The weather Buffalo is currently experiencing almost feels like a dream.  Please do not wake me up!  Who could have imagined wearing a tank top, flip flops, and shorts in the middle of March here in Buffalo?  New York City maybe, but Buffalo? Unless one is here experiencing it for themselves, it sounds like crazy talk!  However I’m not complaining. I’ll take this over three feet of snow any day! Let’s just hope this warm weather lasts and is not another cruel trick that Buffalo weather is playing.

Walking around campus one can feel the energy and excitement growing for this summer as a result of the weather.  Students all over campus are taking advantage of every minute of these gorgeous weather conditions.  Students have been spotted riding bikes, going for runs, as well as taking leisurely walks.  Studying in the grass and at the outdoor tables located near the DAC, lounging on benches around campus, and sunbathing are also great ways students have been utilizing this unusually pleasant weather.  Also make sure you check out Jessica’s post on the top 5 places near campus.

students studying outside on the grass

students outside

students studying outside on the grass

students sitting at table outside

students sitting on bench outside

students sitting at table outside

students studying outside on the grass

student studying outside on the grass

There are also a lot of great local and nearby places that students can go to have some fun in the sun. Delaware Park, located a short 5 minute drive from campus, is a great place where students can have picnics as well as do a variety of recreational activities here such as bike riding, throwing a frisbee, or playing football.  Another great place just down the road from campus is La Salle Park.  It is on the waterfront so with proper licensure students can go fishing in addition to bike riding, football, baseball, and various other sports.  A short walk from La Salle is the marina.  The marina is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the sunset. The scenery is glorious with boats, the lake, wood carvings, and flowers scattered around the premises.  A great place for students wanting to hit the beach is the beach at Beaver Island State Park which is about a 15-20 minute drive from D’Youville. Not only can students play sand volleyball, swim, and tan at the state park, but it is also a great place to go hiking or enjoy a nice picnic.  Students can also look forward to the ice cream shop right down the street from campus opening up when it nears summer.  Another way students can enjoy the nice weather is to treat themselves to dinner at one of the various restaurants on Elmwood Avenue with outdoor seating.

The D'Youville cross-country team enjoying the beach at Beaver Island on a hot day after their race

The D’Youville cross-country team enjoying the beach at Beaver Island on a hot day after their race.

Typically in the last few weeks of school before summer the weather starts getting nice and students tend to slack off a bit to enjoy it. Now the question is will students keep up the hard work or begin slacking off earlier than usual?

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