How To Deal With Buffalo Snow

Buffalo is famous for its obsessive amounts of snow. While the snow is beautiful, it can make getting to school and winter life a hassle (especially for commuters).

If you are a commuter you should keep your car equipped for an emergency. You should keep jumper cables, a shovel, some kitty litter (helps for traction if your car gets stuck), and a blanket in your trunk.

emergency car kit


Watch the forecast each night to know whether to expect snow fall or not. If snow fall is expected in the morning wake up 30 minutes earlier to clean off/dig out your car.

person shoveling snow off car

If you are a commuter who walks to school or a D’Youville resident…bundle up! Wear gloves, a scarf, a hat, a thick winter coat, and boots. Walking to school in thin gloves and a sweater is not enough during the winter.

person dressed up in snow suit

Bringing hot cocoa or coffee in a thermos to class also makes a snowy day better.

thermos and mug

After all of the issues with warmth and safety are addressed, the last thing to do to deal with the snow is….PLAY IN IT! Build snowmen, make snow angels, hit an unsuspecting friend with a snowball, take a winter walk with some friends.

people playing in the snow


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  • Hey, you forgot to mention that we have not been able to see the grass in Buffalo for a total of two days this winter! And, our very popular pond hockey tournament had to be cancelled because there is no ice on the lake!!!
    It’s downright balmy here this winter!

  • Well today there was a huge snow storm . I’m quite enjoying the nice weather myself. It has been a…..strange Buffalo winter. But it is usually snowing non-stop during the winter here. You got to be ready because you never know what Buffalo weather is going to do next.

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