Bored to Death and Out of Money? Things to do for Under $20

Boredom comes with going to college (and being broke<—especially being broke). Here’s a list of things you can do for under $20 to keep yourself happily preoccupied.


1) Spa Day!

Get some girls together and have an at home (or dorm) spa party. Search online for how to make homemade facials, body scrubs, and hair masks. You can also go to the nearest dollar store (there a Family Dollar Store around the corner from campus, on Niagara Street) and buy a cheap nail kit and other spa treats. Expected cost: $20 or less

2) Make Rice Crispies Treats

This recipe can even be made in the dorms. All you need is butter, marshmallows, rice crispies, and a sauce pan. All of these ingredients can be bought at the Wilson Farms convenience store on the corner of Porter Avenue and Connecticut Street. Estimated cost- $10 or less

3) Have a Movie Night

For $7.49 a month you can rent movies at a Blockbuster Store (the nearest on is on Elmwood Avenue, near Auburn Avenue, in Buffalo’s Elmwood Village). Or you can rent one movie for 99 cents. Get some popcorn, your favorite movie, and invite some friends over. Estimated Cost- $1-$8

4) Go to the Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo makes a great day excursion. Estimated cost- $5-$15

5) Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Play frisbee with some friends. Have a snowball fight during the winter. Have a picnic. Etc. Estimated cost- free-$10

6) Head to the Pool or Gym

D’Youville has a wonderful gym and indoor pool in the College Center building. Estimated cost- free

7) Get Involved with Campus Activities

There are all sorts of activities on the D’Youville campus everyday, ranging from tie dye to pumpkin carving. Estimated cost- free

8) Go to the Walden Galleria Mall

Find a friend with a car and head to Buffalo’s largest mall. It’s about a 15 minute drive. You can window shop, actually shop, eat cheap food in the food court or have a nice dinner at the many restaurants at the mall. Estimated cost- up to you. It can be free, under $20, or more if you wish.


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