Beautiful Buffalo: 5 Gorgeous Places Within Walking Distance of D’Youville College

Being an urban campus, you might not think you could find breathtaking scenery all over the D’Youville College campus neighborhood. Behold, five unique views that will stop you in your tracks – all within a few minutes walk of DYC.

#1 – The Connecticut Street Armory

Located on Connecticut Street between Niagara Street and Prospect Avenue, this huge, historic landmark is just across the street from the DYC campus. Not everyone can say they share a block with a castle!
outside view of The Connecticut Street Armory

outside view of The Connecticut Street Armory

#2 – Front Park

Part of the parks system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (the same guy who designed Central Park in New York City) Front Park features 32 acres overlooking Lake Erie and the Niagara River.
Front Park
Front Park Entrance sign

#3 – Buffalo skyline view from the Porter Avenue bridge over the I-190

The view of the skyline is something that always strikes me as I turn down Niagara Street from Porter Avenue on my commute home each day. On foot, I found an even better view can be taken in from the Porter Avenue bridge over the I-190. Buffalo has some fantastic and famous architecture (see #1 – Connecticut Street Armory for example!) and certain buildings such as the Niagara Mohawk building and Liberty building clearly stand out creating a unique and beautiful skyline.
Buffalo skyline view from the Porter Avenue bridge over the I-190

#4 – Lasalle Park

Located at the West end of Porter Avenue is a great view of Lake Erie’s waterfront at Lasalle Park. Looking one direction you can see down the Lake Erie shoreline South toward the Outer Harbor. Looking the other direction you can see the Peace Bridge. Straight across the water in front of you is a whole different country – Canada!
Lasalle Park
Lasalle Park

#5 – Symphony Circle

The East end of Porter Avenue turns into North Street at a beautifully designed traffic circle just inside Buffalo’s historic and artsy Allentown district. Located on Symphony Circle is Kleinhans Music Hall. Kleinhans is a historic site and home to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, a major symphony orchestra which regularly performs at Kleinhans and at other special events in the Buffalo area.
Allentown Sign

Click the link to view all five places and D’Youville College on a map.
Places to see map

Are you already thinking Buffalo seems to have something for everyone? Just think, this was only one girl’s list of five places in just one of Buffalo’s stellar neighborhoods. There’s plenty more to explore around this great city!


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