The Buffalo Curse

Whether you have been a Buffalonian since birth, or if you’re new to the area, you have to understand that Buffalo’s sports teams are the life of the city. The “Buffalo Curse” has been around as long as our teams have been around. Because of this curse there are two phrases that can sum up our entire sporting history: “Wide Right” and “No Goal.”

Wide Right
“Wide Right” is a reference to the field goal attempt that would have won the Buffalo Bills’  Super Bowl victory in 1991. This was the first of the Bills’ four straight trips to the Super Bowl (1991-1994) where each time they came in second – which in terms of the Super Bowl means dead last!

No Goal
The term “No Goal” switches our attention to our city’s beloved Buffalo Sabres and the year 1999. In the sixth period of the game (if you know hockey you know that’s three more periods than a standard game) the score was tied, 1-1. The sudden-death winning goal came from Dallas Star player Brett Hull and it won their team the grand prize of the Stanley Cup. Ask any Sabres fan, and they will tell you that the “goal” should have been called “no goal” as Hull skate was inside the goalie crease prior to the puck entering, making the goal no good. Since then, this rule has been changed by the NHL to avoid this very problem.

Either way, championship trophies or not, the Bills and Sabres are the teams of Buffalo. These teams are OUR teams and we will be here to flip cars when they finally bring home the goods. And that will happen (the sooner the better).

DYC at the Sabres Game
A few times each season, D’Youville offers students cheap tickets to Sabres and Bills games, allowing die hard fans to enjoy a night with their team and new fans to see what all the hype is about. After getting up at 6am to stand in line at the D’Youville College Center, tickets to the November 2 Sabres vs. Philadelphia Flyers were ours.  The tickets came with a free pop (Buffalo term for soda), a hotdog and popcorn at the game – adding to the whole experience of the sporting event. Some DYC students took it into their own hands to bring the experience, dressing up in Sabres jersey and gear, and even a full body green spandex suit. While some may say, “Isn’t this a little over the top?”, those people would be so very wrong. For a Buffalo sports fan, going over the top to show support is our first nature. While the green suit was done out of support, it did get the D’Youville college section on the big screen showing our support through any means necessary. Here is a video I shot of the big moment.

D’Youville College on the Jumbotron

Being surrounded by D’Youville students and their families makes for a great environment to watch the Sabres game. From Sabres and Bills tickets, to tickets to off-Broadway productions like the Lion King, D’Youville makes it affordable on a college student budget to see the attractions that make Buffalo city life fun and vibrant. My suggestion to you, is to skip buying coffee for two weeks, and find the money to attend these events and get to know your city and make new friends. I can honestly say that after the game, I met and got to know multiple new D’Youville students who I never would have known shared so many of my interests.

Did you know that we have a D’Youville hockey team? Click here for more information if it sounds like something you would like to take part in, or simply go and cheer on your fellow students.

Take a look at some of the pictures of the game, which we unfortunately lost, but still made for a great time!


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  • Nice write up, I enjoyed reading this blog, as a recent sabres fan (for about four years now) I grew up knowing little about hockey until I moved to Buffalo, now I can say I have been to a few sabres game and bandits games as well and I have loved every aspect of the game.

  • I have always lived in Western New York, but never really followed the Sabres. Since going to D’Youville and being so close to the arena I have really caught on to the game and enjoy going to support the team!

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