Are you teaching online? Here are tips and tricks to help you get the semester started on the right foot.

Two Tips to Start off the Semester in your Online Class

Setting Expectations and Structure

It is important in every class to set the expectations. There are some ideas for doing this in an online course, however. First, you may want to consider recording a course intro video that includes navigating the course. Since every course is different, a video like this is beneficial for all students. Panopto is a great tool for this. Second, let students know exactly what they are expected to do to be successful. Some of your students may be taking college courses or online courses for the first time, so it is important for you to even throw in some time management tips.

Week Zero Activities

Week Zero is an intro week that is usually open from the time your course opens before the actual class starts. It includes those normal files and resources you might cover in Day 1 of a face-to-face course, including syllabus, required technology, textbooks, and other need-to-know information. Another idea for Week Zero is an icebreaker discussion that includes, fun and different questions. Every instructor asks students to share about themselves, so try and find a creative question that sparks conversation, such as “What was the first concert you went to?”

Jeremiah Grabowski’s Week One Presentation Materials