Dear members of the faculty,

Please be advised that we have moved the Scantron™ test scanner from Room 9 of BFAC to the Computer Lab in the lower floor of the Montante Family Library (see the image below).  With this move you will have access to the Scantron unit at all hours that the lab is open.  Scantron will be accessible on a first-come, first-served basis so making an appointment to use the unit is no longer necessary.

Let me add a few related pointers:

  1. For test security reasons the PC that is attached to the unit will not be on the DYC network.  Just as it has been our practice in the past you are asked to bring a thumb drive with you for saving your data. Make sure that you delete your files completely after you have transferred your data to a thumb drive.
  2. Please ask your department to purchase answer sheets for you.  The Purchasing Office is able to help with ordering them from or other vendors as appropriate.
  3. To ease scoring of bubble sheets we have subscribed to the FlashGrade software so that the fleet of Toshiba copiers can also be used to scan and score tests.  The School of Nursing will be the first group to have access to the software.  We will add more departments and users as the academic year progresses.

I thank you for understanding the necessity for this change.  If you have any questions please reach out to Joe Armstrong (x8282), Jack Drescher (x8282) or me (x8293).

Respectfully, Rooz

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