from Benjamin Grant, Chief Student Affairs Officer | Interim

Hi, everybody,

As we get closer to the end of Spring Break and to classes resuming, I wanted to send out an additional message about the current COVID-19 situation, the D’Youville action plan, and supplemental support for you.  I fully appreciate that this email is lengthy so I have broken the message down into the following sections:

The D’Youville Plan Technology Food Service Library Student Support Student Engagement Health Concerns

The D’Youville Plan

As a reminder on the current plan on how to move forward during the current situation:

  1. The College is open as normal.  All staff are continuing to come to work and will be in their offices during normal hours.  The cafés on campus are open and the library is open.  Students are still able to access campus as normal – no changes at all!  I would encourage folks to avoid large populations where possible though – part of the prevention of COVID-19 is avoiding unnecessary closeness.
  2. All classes are canceled on 3/16 and 3/17.  Think of these days as snow days…just planned a week in advance…and hopefully without any snow.  Any classwork that would have happened on these days will be made up appropriately by your professors.
  3. All classes begin on 3/18.  Labs and simulations will happen as normal – you’ll come to campus as normal for these sessions.  Lectures will still happen during regular scheduled times but will be digital which means you will not come to campus as normal.  Your professors for these courses will use an online platform to teach – something like Zoom or Skype for example – so you will attend class from home or your room or even a Starbucks if you want and you will watch your professor teach over your phone or computer.  Your professors will reach out and let you know which online platform they will use to teach class and the email will let you know how to log in to each session.


D’Youville leadership and our Emergency Planning Task Force are actively monitoring updates to COVID-19 and are dedicated to remaining leaders in the areas of student welfare and continuation of education during a crisis situation as we showcased to the world when we were the first institution in Western New York to respond by digitizing lectures.  Should our plan of action need to change, I assure you we will act quickly and  will notify you as soon as possible.  Should you have specific question on this plan, please reach out to where your email will be directed to the appropriate area for response.


As you resume your lectures on 3/1/2020 you will be adapting to online platforms of instruction.  These platforms will be identified and communicated to you by your specific professors.  All platforms are easy to learn and navigate – you may already be using these technologies in your everyday academic life.  With that said, we understand you may have some questions and we want you to know that we are here to help.

If you have any difficulties using or adapting to the platforms used – or if you need assistance obtaining a device to use or MiFi hotspot to use while off campus, please reach out to where your email will be reviewed and responded to by an appropriate office.

Food Service

As I shared above, D’Youville is digitizing lecture classes in an attempt to maintain social distance where possible but we are open for business and services on campus will be running for you to utilize.  That said, some dining services will have shifted hours that I want you to be aware of:

Spartan Cafe:  

3/16 & 3/17    8:00 am till 2:00 pm

3/18 & 3/19    7:30 am till 5:00 pm (normal hours)

3/20                 7:30 am till 3:00 pm (normal hours)

SASE Cafe:

3/16 & 3/17    CLOSED

3/18 & 3/19    7:30 am till 5:00 pm (normal hours)

3/20                 7:30 am till 3:00 pm (normal hours)

Dining Hall:

3/15                 5:00 pm till 6:30 pm (dinner only)

3/16 & 3/17    11:00 am till 1:00 pm (brunch) 5:00 pm till 6:30 pm (dinner)

3/18                 Normal Hours Resume


The public desks of the Montante Family Library will remain open to students during regular hours, and the first floor computer lab and fourth floor study spaces will remain available 24/7.  In consideration of the World Health Organization’s emphasis on maintaining social distance as a basic preventative measure against COVID-19 we want to emphasize the many ways that the Library can meet your research needs remotely during this time.

The Librarians at the Research Desk offer research assistance through email (, or via remote consultation by phone (716 829-7747) or online (e.g., Zoom) as well as in person.  More information about the Research Desk can be found here:

Online Materials

Our research databases are fully searchable from off-campus:

Interlibrary Loan

All interlibrary loan services are available and functioning as usual, but as campuses close or restrict access nationwide, there may be a delay in processing and delivering interlibrary loan requests.  We cannot legally scan entire print books or journal issues, but we can deliver individual book chapters and journal articles:

Renewal of Physical Items

All materials checked out of the Library can be renewed remotely by calling (716 829-7618) or emailing ( the Circulation Desk.  Overdue fees or fines that accumulate during this time will be waived after the materials are returned.

Embedded Librarian Program

Embedded librarians will remain available to help with your research and library resource needs through Canvas or via email.  If your course does not currently have an embedded librarian and additional assistance is needed during this time, please reach out to the Online Learning Librarian Bree Baker (

Student Support

Faculty and staff members are here to support you.  If you feel anxious or nervous about the current worldwide situation – please reach out for support.  Students Affairs folks are a great resource for this – we’ll hear you and we’ll support you – even if you just want to vent.  If you’re looking for more structured support, I would encourage you to contact the Counseling Center.  Stop into Marguerite Hall at any time during normal business hours and speak with a Student Affairs staff member, located in the lobby area, who can get you connected with a counselor or call the office at 716-829-7819 to make an appointment.

Remember, D’Youville is your community and we’re all here to support your success.  If you need support in any way, please reach out to where your email will be directed to Student Affairs for response.

Student Engagement

Bluntly, the next few weeks are going to be boring.  In an attempt to promote social distancing, large Student Engagement efforts on campus have been suspended – this includes upcoming events such as the Toga Party, Free Frappuccinos, and Nacho Average Tuesday.  I know this is upsetting to some but I can ensure you the Student Affairs staff is brainstorming ways to keep you engaged during these times and we will continue our social involvement efforts as soon as possible.

Health Concerns

Please be sure to ALWAYS follow Department of Health recommendations concerning hygiene and health – specifically active hand washing, limited face touching, maintaining personal space, and monitoring self-care.  Should you feel ill, please contact your General Practitioner or a local medical clinic such as WellNow.  As a reminder, D’Youville has identified WellNow Urgent Care at 1751 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo, NY 14223 as an appropriate and convenient provider for non-emergency medical needs that accepts a number of health insurance plans including the college provided United Healthcare.  To review services provided by WellNow, view current wait times, and schedule an appointment – you may visit their website:

Should you have traveled outside of the country or to a known COVID-19 outbreak area over Spring Break or believe you may have been in contact with an individual suffering from COVID-19, please share this information for additional support and guidance.

Should you with to share a possible health concern about a community member, please use the D’Youville Incident Reporting Form located here: MAXIENT

Make it a good day!


Benjamin Grant
Chief Student Affairs Officer | Interim

The Clubhouse | KAB 2nd Floor

716.829.7812 |Insta @SpartanPursuits

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