We hear from faculty all the time about how much time it takes to schedule appointments with students, particularly around advisement time. Does your inbox oftentimes fill up with emails going back and forth about what time would work best to meet? Luckily, there are options out there.



I have been using 10to8 for a few years now and my work life is forever changed. 10to8 is a free appointment management software that has built-in automatic text reminders. Though there is a premium version, the free version is robust enough for all of my (and your) needs. It allows for up to 100 appointments a month. You get a link to a personal ‘Web page’ that contains all of your options for meeting (I recommend you add this link to your email signature so you can easily point to it in replies). You might offer options such as a ’30 min’ or ’60 min’, or ‘advising’ or ‘ SCI101 meeting about final paper’. These scheduling options are set for the same time frame each week, so you can block them off easily on your calendar. Individuals receive email and text (optional) meeting confirmations automatically. You always get the option of approving an appointment.

Another thing I love is that, after syncing, 10to8 checks my Outlook calendar to make sure I don’t have any appointments already scheduled. Although 10to8 can’t add an appointment directly to my Outlook calendar, I simply create one when I get the notification that someone has book an appointment with me via 10to8. Feel free to book an appointment with me to find out more about how to make this tool work for you. 


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