Below you will find a sample of free resources that you and your department or office can use to educate and prepare yourselves to address issues related to racial injustice and discrimination. In addition, all members of our community are encouraged to report incidents of bias by completing our Incident Reporting Form.

  1. Resources and Tools for Classroom Discussion
    1. RaceWorks Toolkit developed by Stanford’s Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity to provide educators and facilitators with multimedia tools to have better informed, more meaningful conversations about race with students and coworkers.
    2. Science-powered activities for promoting equity in colleges and universities from Stanford’sSPARQtools:
      1. Quick activities for preparing to discuss differences.
      2. A method for moderating discussions about diversity.
      3. A format for asking sensitive questions and getting honest answer.
    3. Difficult Dialogue Handbooks from the Difficult Dialogue National Resource Center
    4. Mini-Films for Exploring Race, Bias, and Identity with Students
    5. Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Classroom from The University of Arizona, including tools to prepare students to address diversity, strategies for engaging students, guidelines for discussion, and methods to address microaggressions.
    6. Guidelines for Classroom Interactions from the University of Michigan
    7. Best Practices for Facilitating Difficult Dialogues from the Journal of Communication Pedagogy
    8. Inclusive Teaching from Harvard University, including resources on inclusive course design, strategies to manage difficult dialogues, and an inventory of inclusive teaching practices.
    9. Start Talking: A Handbook for Engaging Difficult Dialogues in Higher Education
    10. Difficulty Dialogues: Tools and Strategies from Vanderbilt University
    11. Resources for Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom from Michigan State University
    12. Teaching and Learning in a Tense Election Season
    13. Responding to Trauma in the Classroom
    14. Racial Equity Tools designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity
    15. Academics for Black Wellness and Survival: Anti-Racist Resources
    16. Anti-Racist Resources from Berkeley
    17. Anti-Racist Resources from the University of North Carolina

    Implicit Bias

    1. Implicit Association Test from the University of Washington, Harvard University, and the University of Virginia.
    2. Implicit Bias Module Series from the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at The Ohio State University
    3. Managing Unconscious Bias Workshop: Facebook’s recorded internal training program divided into six brief modules.
    4. Tools for Recognizing Microaggressions and the Messages They Send from UC Santa Cruz

    Equitable Hiring Resources

    1. Research Supporting the Existence of Unconscious Bias and its Effects on Diversity in Recruitment from Northwestern University
    2. Legal Considerations and Interview Question Guidelines compiled by Northwestern University
    3. Online Resources for Limiting Unconscious Bias
      1. Interrupting Bias in the Faculty Search Process: A training video and facilitation guide created by The University of Washington’s ADVANCE Center for Institutional Change
      2. Unconscious Bias: What to DO About It in the Search and Recruitment Process: A Research Presentation for Search Committees in Academic Medicine from the Association of American Medical Colleges.
      3. Implicit Bias Videos: American Bar Association
    4. Searching for Excellence and Diversity® Guide from WISELI
    5. A Toolkit for Recruiting and Hiring a More Diverse Workforce from the University of California, Berkeley (pp.6-7).

    Resources from Montante Library