The D'Youville College Institute for Teaching Innovation

The Institute for Teaching Innovation (ITI) was established in December 2017 with the goal of supporting faculty members at D’Youville College and establishing the college as a leader in college teaching.

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Introducing the Student Success and Solutions Centers

Many of our students asked, and we listened — this fall we’ve created two new technology-enhanced areas — the Student Success Center and Solutions. These spaces are designed to save our students’ time and improve the quality of their experience here on campus. Whether...

How to Publish More

Top 5 Writing Habits Set regular writing time: Nearly all of the books and resources about academic publishing guarantee you will publish more if you commit to a set writing time like it's an important meeting with the Dean. Set writing goals and action steps: Even...

The D'Youville College Institute for Teaching Innovation is located in Buffalo, NY and is the primary faculty development space for the college and a premier faculty development space for our region. Currently, the ITI is concerned with exemplary pedagogy, technology-infused instruction, outcome-based assessment, inclusive strategies, faculty research and scholarship, and faculty wellness.

Leah MacVie, PhD
Director of the Institute for Teaching Innovation