eLearning will be offering another session of the Online Certificate Course this Summer (July 9th – August 3rd). To accommodate Summer schedules, the course will be offered completely online. There will be no required in-person meeting times. If you cannot participate this Summer, the course will be run again in the Fall and Spring semesters.

The goal of the course is to both prepare faculty to teach online/hybrid courses and to inform in-person teaching as well. The course is intended for faculty who have little or no online teaching experience. Although “veteran” online faculty are welcome to participate. The course will be offered through Canvas, so if you’ve never enrolled in an online course you’ll be able to experience one from a student’s perspective. You can expect to spend approximately 4 hours a week in the class. Both completely online and hybrid course design principles are covered.

You may sign up for the course using the following link: https://bit.ly/2qWBdRN

Feel free to contact Jeremiah Grabowski, Dean of Online Learning, if you have any questions. grabowsj@dyc.edu

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