One faculty member recently shared this Simon Sinek video with the ITI as a point of discussion for faculty understanding of the millennial generation, so we thought we’d share. Sinek speaks about how many millennials are raised in a world with technology and privilege and how this affects them later in life. Technology and social media plays a huge role in shaping today’s society and is statistically showing many negative effects. Rates of suicide, depression and drug overdose are continuously increasing. Colleges are also seeing a huge influx of students taking time off due to depression because most are unable to cope with stress and some lack self-esteem. Many have yet to develop mechanisms to cope with any types of stress or situational anxiety and this leads to many students relying on drugs, causing an increase in drug overdoses. Finally, impatience has become an issue, as well, because technology has made everything so readily available that most children, teens and young adults expect everything at a moment’s notice. They expect instant gratification and when they do not receive this, it causes many issues, such as anxiety. Our environment shaped by technology and entitlement ultimately impacts millennials when having to go out into the world and figure out reality for themselves. Oftentimes, this leads to a feeling of disappointment and lack of confidence when they are not completely satisfied. Hear more here:

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