January 2020
Faculty Development & Opportunities

New Adjunct

Date: Monday, January 13, 2020
Time: 5:30pm-7pm
(headshots and networking begins at 5, with the official program starting at 5:30)
Location: Innovation  Classroom, KAB214Please have your adjuncts register here>>

New Faculty

Date: Friday, January 10, 2020
Time: 9am-3pm
Location: Innovation  Classroom, KAB214Please have your faculty register here>>

Passion-Driven Statistics Development Day – January 17, 2020
This workshop will present Passion-Driven Statistics – a multidisciplinary, project-based curriculum that supports students in conducting original research, asking original questions, and communicating methods and results using the language of statistics.
When: Friday, January 17, 2020
Time: 11am – 3pm
Location: DAC 6th Floor
Food and beverage: Lunch will be served.
Who can attend: This event is open to all D’Youville faculty, staff and adjuncts, da Vinci teachers, and by invitation to our neighboring education colleagues.
Cost to attend: Free (please just register)
Our Faculty
Institutional cost of pursuing the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative designation in the United States
Co-authored by Dr. Briana Jegier, Associate Professor, Health Administration and Public Health
Co-authored by Dr. Dominic Ventura, Chair; Associate Professor, Chemistry
Implementing a Farm to School Nutrition Education Program in a Large Urban School
Co-authored by Dr. Kathy Border, Associate Professor, Dietetics

Mixed-Method Study of Utilizing Portfolios to Document and Assess Co-Curricular Activities: Student and Advisor Perceptions
Co-Authored by Drs. Victoria Belousova, Amany K Hassan, and Stacie Lampkin, Pharmacy
Effect of employment on PA school performance : Journal of the American Academy of PAs
Co-Authored by Shelby Edwards, Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant
A Cultural Immersion Experience to Enhance Nursing Students’ Appreciation and Understanding of Different Cultures
Co-Authored by Dr. Abigail Mitchell, Professor, Nursing
Teaching Methods
Active Learning Classrooms —>Reserve for the Spring Semester!

Learn more about and reserve the Active Learning Center and the BFAC Active Learning Classrooms.

The Active Learning Center classroom is designed to promote engagement, creativity, and collaboration. The classroom, made possible through a grant from Steelcase Education, allows for a better understanding of how learning takes place, and how smarter, more active learning spaces help. The Active…

The 5 Best Books On Critical Thinking
Here are 5 books I recommend you read to improve your critical thinking skills
Discovering the creative processes of students: Multi-way interactions among knowledge acquisition, sharing and learning environment
In this study, the proposed model identifies multiple mechanisms of a cooperative culture, as well as the creative process behind the relationship bet…
Who Benefits from Regular Class Participation?
In this study, we sought to explore the dynamics of in-class participation and its effects on student outcomes. In particular, we looked at three questions: whether students’ outcomes were improved by grading participation more intensely; who benefits most from increased participation; and whether the students who would benefit from more intensive grading choose it when they are given the choice. An eight-month field experiment was used to elicit students’ preferences for and randomly assign them to different grading intensities.
Moving Away from Lecture in Undergraduate Mathematics: Managing Tensions within a Coordinated Inquiry-Based Linear Algebra Course
This study describes how nine university professors managed their teaching when a shift from lecturing to inquiry-based learning was mandated in a large enrollment course, linear algebra for math majors. We describe the tensions that emerged and how they were resolved, in part via the production of…
Educational Technology

From the Department of  Online Learning
The Department of Online Learning would like to welcome our faculty back for the upcoming Spring 2020 term!As all Canvas courses are generated four weeks in advance of their official start date, most of the fall term courses are currently active within our LMS. To ensure that your Canvas courses are appropriately configured, we have provided you with the Semester Start Checklist. This will guide you through publishing your course, importing content, merging course sections, granting other faculty/TA’s access, along with the essential Canvas settings and configurations.

To remind you all, there are several items to be aware of:
Course sections are now automatically divided out as separate Canvas courses.  Recognizing that the previous configuration was beneficial to many of you, faculty have been given the responsibility for merging sections. You will now join your sections into one Canvas instance by reaching out to Canvas support at +1-833-278-2014.

Faculty are now responsible for adding other users (co-teachers, lab teachers, TA’s, etc…) to their courses.  For guidance, please see this SharePoint guide.

There is a significant quiz overhaul that is now implemented within Canvas. This adds new question types, improved moderation capabilities, global accommodations, and other improvements to the analytics interface.  For a rundown of the updates and guidance using Quizzes. See this SharePoint guide.

We are excited to support your online-teaching efforts and, as always, are happy to provide you with Instructional Technology and Instructional Design assistance.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at onlinelearning@dyc.edu or (716) 829-7845.

Best, Joe Friona
Director of Online Learning

Jeremiah Grabowski, PhD
Dean of Online Learning
120 Koessler Administration Building
716-829-8392 | grabowsj@dyc.edu


The Phenomenon That’s Making PowerPoint Presentations Bearable (Even Enjoyable?) – EdSurge News
After death and taxes, the next unavoidable thing in life may be lousy Powerpoint presentations. And for anyone who’s ever struggled to simultaneously …
Learning Technology as a Professional Practice: Developing a Critical Perspective
Successfully meeting the challenges of today’s learning technology landscape requires a more reflective, more critical perspective.
What the… Plagiarism?
Is there an epidemic of cheating on college campuses?
Study attempts to debunk criticisms of student evaluations of teaching
Study attempts to debunk criticisms of student evaluations of teaching as reliable measures of teaching effectiveness, but critics remain.
Inclusive Practices
PODLive! 1/10/20, 1-2 EST: Universal Design for Learning with (and without) Technology
Friday, January 10, 1-2 EST, Facilitators: Christina Moore and Amanda Nichols Hess, Oakland University Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework and set of guidelines that increases access to and removes barriers for learning. UDL practices include multiple ways to motivate (engage)…
Calm on Campus
Finding flexible mental health treatment options for students.
A Taxonomy of Inclusive Design: On Disclosure, Accessibility, and Inclusion
This series will explore concepts, practices, and organizational shifts that are central to inclusive pedagogy in higher education.
Faculty Research & Scholarship
Variety Is the Spice of Life (in Research Too)
Most research on humans is conducted on narrow, mostly White-European samples
Student Learning and Faculty Research: Connecting Teaching and Scholarship
This paper asserts a claim about how to promote effective undergraduate learning. On the basis of existing evidence and our own observation, we contend that the teacher-scholar model of faculty professional activity brings important benefits to individual student learners, institutions where that model flourishes, and to society more broadly.
Faculty Wellness
A Beginning
I’ve never been much of a blogger—I don’t even follow many blogs—but here I start a blog series.  Why?  Based on my constellation of experiences and what I’ve been learning more recently, I have something to say to my fellow PhDs and PhDs-in-training.*  But more about my story next…

What We’re Reading

Teaching Students How to Live a Good Life – EdSurge News
When people think of education, they often picture content knowledge in subjects like reading, writing or arithmetic. But there’s a growing interest in …
The Effect of Teachers’ Dress on Students’ Attitude and Students’ Learning: Higher Education View
Ten Higher Education Predictions for a New Decade | Inside Higher Ed
Colleges closing, NCAA transformation and more.
Other News

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