Many of our students asked, and we listened — this fall we’ve created two new technology-enhanced areas — the Student Success Center and Solutions. These spaces are designed to save our students’ time and improve the quality of their experience here on campus.

Whether students are freshmen or transfers with questions about their programs, struggling with academics, looking for work on campus, or aiming to find an exciting post-graduation D’Youville career, Solutions and the Student Success Center are here to help. Encourage your students to engage our new Student Success Center on Bauer’s first floor. If your students have questions about their grades, course registration, paying for school, scholarships or financial aid, we have Solutions for them on KAB’s second floor.

Need more info? Check out our Student Success and Solutions page.

We’re very excited to continue to strengthen and invest in the student experience and improve student outcomes. Stay tuned for more information before the start of the school year.

Randyll Bowen, Ed.D.                                                                     Mimi Steadman, Ed.D.                                                                    Jogy Das

Vice President                                                                                 Vice President                                                                                Vice President

Student Life and Enrollment Management                                    Academic Affairs                                                                            Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

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