February 2020
Faculty Development & Opportunities
Workshops on Scenario Writing & Effective Debriefing Technique with Simulation
Workshops delivered by the IPE Team.
These workshops will provide information on how to properly write a scenario experience for learners to engage, react, perform in an immersive experience and debrief said experiences with proper techniques within the safe learning environment of the D’Youville Simulation Studio.
Workshop on Better Group Work
Workshop delivered by Dr. Jeremiah Grabowski and Magdalene Halasz.
Group work can increase motivation, develop individual responsibility, and allows students to co-construct knowledge as a result of member interactions that produce new viewpoints. Students, however, must be provided models of effective communication because they may not have the prerequisite skills needed to interact with group members. This workshop will introduce literature, tips and strategies, and tools you can use today in your class on group work.

Local Conference Alert:
18th CCTL Conference at Niagara University (Lewiston, N.Y.) on March 28, 2020.

Niagara University’s conference on ‘Teaching and Learning’ will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Bill Coplin, professor of policy studies and the Director of the Policy Studies Program of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. He will be sharing advice from his recent book The Happy Professor: How to Teach Undergraduates and Feel Good About It. More than 30 sessions are offered. Some highlights include:
Incorporating team-based learning approaches
Strategies for improving online teaching
Active and integrative assessments
Conference Schedule
More details are forthcoming

$30 for Niagara University Faculty
$75 for all others

Please click here to register or paste the following into your browser. https://apps.niagara.edu/cctl/cctl.php

Local Conference Alert:
Genteels’ Excellence in Teaching Conference – University at Buffalo
Date: Friday, March 20
iGen: How to Connect, Engage and Inspire the Newest Generation of Students
The iGen refers specifically to students born between 1996 and 2012; a time period which has seen the birth of the iPhone, the vast expansion and commercialization of the World Wide Web, and the explosion of social media.

Those growing up in the iGen have never known life without integrated technology and media impacting the very ways in which they communicate, learn and engage. As a result, ways in which we teach and interact with contemporary students have become complicated due to gaps in generational approaches to communication, technologies and learning.

This conference supports excellence in teaching and is made possible through an endowment by Ron Gentile and Kay Johnson-Gentile.

Our Faculty

We want to recognize the 2019/2020 Faculty Sponsor/Mentors for our Athletics Teams:
1.) Women’s Tennis – Theresa Arida, Nursing;
2.) Women’s Soccer – Jason Den Haese, Biology;
3.) Women’s Volleyball – Debi Francis, Occupational Therapy;
4.) Men’s Soccer – John Fischer, Biology;
5.) Women’s and Men’s Cross Country – Frank Stephen, Biology;
6.) Men’s Golf – Gaia Bistulfi, Biology and Math;
7.) Men’s Basketball – Susan Kowalewski, Business
8.) Women’s Basketball – Debra Lucas, Faculty Librarian
Thank you for all that you do!

Department Moves
Attention Students, Staff, and Faculty! The PA, Dietetics, HAPH, and Pharmacy faculty and staff have MOVED!

PA: 4th floor of DAC.
Dietetics: 4th floor of DAC.
HAPH: Lower level of SASE.
Pharmacy: 2nd and 3rd floor of DAC.

Pictured from left to right: Brett Dlugosz, Haiden Ward, Aaron Schareno, Ja Drumgoole, Prof. Joe Kabacinski. Members of the team not in the picture: Jamika Williams and Simeon Heard.
Our Accounting students are participating in the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) at the Northwest Buffalo Community Center this Spring 2020 tax season. It is a significant Service Learning opportunity for these students. Through this program, students learn to prepare Federal and New York State Tax returns. They received free IRS training in Federal and New York State Tax preparation. Our students volunteer to prepare tax returns for taxpayers (at no charge) in an underserved area. Last year, the NW Buffalo site prepared over 3,100 tax returns, saved taxpayers an estimated $700,000 in tax prep fees and brought over $7 million in tax refunds to the community. The goal this year is over 3,500 returns. This has a direct economic impact for our area. Participating students taking Prof. Joe Kabacinski’s, Business, ACC 321 – Tax Accounting class in Spring 2020, are eligible for service learning extra credit in the ACC 321 course. Students can add this important volunteer service and tax preparation skill to their resume.

Dr. Lauren Clay, Assistant Professor – Health Administration and Public Health, co-published Factors Associated with Food Insecurity Following Hurricane Harvey in Texas.
Teaching Methods
Navigating the Need for Rigor and Engagement: How to Make Fruitful Class Discussions Happen – ACUE Community
Why do we lecture so much? All teachers experience a tension between the need for engagement and the need for rigor. Without rigor, the students won’t learn what we want them to; without engagement, they won’t learn anything at all.
4 Ways to Lecture Beyond the Bullet Points – ACUE Community
Every so often we need to rethink lectures beyond the bullet points. Here are some ideas to help you think about lecture activities that engage students and promote learning.
Bring Your ‘A’ Game: Leveling Up Class Discussion by Incorporating a Sense of Play – ACUE Community
I have been using a Jeopardy-style review game for midterms almost as long as I’ve been teaching. Those review days always go well. Students invest in the competitive aspect, and the categories of Jeopardy allow me to review key concepts and our stated learning objectives. Jeopardy’s format (in…
Beyond the Final Performance: How to Build Transferable Knowledge and Skills – ACUE Community
While our final performance may have been stellar, something really to be proud of, what they achieved in terms of musical growth throughout the year is truly the most important outcome.
Educational Technology

Opportunities for training and development related to online teaching and learning:

As part of our partnership with Wiley/Learning House, all D’Youville faculty and staff can enroll in a series of self-paced online professional development courses.  The courses cover a range of topics from online course delivery, to building community, and providing feedback. For more information see the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Course Descriptions:

BP 200: Foundations of Online Course Delivery – This course covers the essential skills instructors need to teach online. Participants are formally introduced to the online course structure and the critical roles and responsibilities of an online instructor. Typical time investment is about 3-4 hours

BP 300: Foundations of Online Course Design – In this course, you’ll begin developing a course map for your online course: articulating measurable, student-centered learning objectives, formative and summative assessments, instructional materials, and a modular structure in which all of these fit. You’ll also learn practical teaching strategies grounded in the science of learning, leaving you with a clear sense of what the rest of the course design project will entail.

Please help us all derive the greatest value possible from our relationship with TLH/WES, and expand your insights through a self-paced course you are interested in.

Thank you,
Joe Friona
Director of Online Learning

You are invited to our Faculty Friday Webinar series from Lumen!
We are excited to offer you a chance to engage with your peers who are using innovative approaches to increasing student success! Each webinar is offered at 9am and 12pm on the scheduled date.

February 14 

Going Beyond Adaptive: Online Courses & Personalized Learning Courseware
Presenters: Bill Pelz (SUNY Herkimer CC) & John Kane (SUNY Oswego)
February 21
MyMathLab to Open Homework Solution: Lowering Cost and Gaining Freedom
Presenter: Tatyana Khodorovskiy (Hunter College, CUNY)
February 28
Active Learning + Learning Analytics = Student Success
Presenter: William Carr (Medgar Evers College, CUNY)
March 6
LaGuardia CC Case Study: How to save math students $1 million!
Presenter: Alioune Khoule (LaGuardia CC, CUNY)

March 13
Engaging Students in College Success: An Open Pedagogy Model
Presenter: Katie Lynch (SUNY Rockland CC)

iPASS Webinars
EDUCAUSE microcredentials are a highly visible way to showcase your expertise with peers and current or prospective employers.
Four Types of Discussion Forums in Online Courses – ACUE Community
A key component of any online course is the discussion board. As online courses have matured, we realize that not all discussion forums are or should be the same.
The Five Levels of Assessment in Higher Education – Capsim
Learn about the five levels of assessment in higher education crucial in measuring the educational effectiveness and quality of an institution’s offering.
Advocates for student learning assessment say it’s time for a different approach
At accrediting conference, panelists acknowledge that effort to measure learning outcomes has been a “hot mess” and that it’s time for a better approach.
Inclusive Practices
Learn more about EAB Navigate
It is widely recognized that implementing strategies to increase student retention and student success are areas of focus for all institutions. However, a barrier to increasing these rates can often be attributed to a lack of student engagement, communication and the coordination of support…
A Student-Centered Approach: D’Youville’s Coordinated Care Network Model
Guiding Core Values and Principles D’Youville’s student success initiative is driven by three core values: Student Advocacy, Career Pathways, and Financial Wellness and Literacy.  These guiding principles have helped shape the landscape for the next generation of students seeking to complete…
Accessible Instructional Materials Legislation Reintroduced in the House of Representatives
EDUCAUSE-supported legislation, the AIM HIGH Act, was reintroduced in the House of Representatives on December 5 and includes several changes from pre
PODLive! 5/8/20, 1-2 EST: Promoting Teaching Practices Rooted in Equity and Justice
Facilitators: Milton Fuentes, Montclair State University; Isis Artze-Vega, Valencia College The POD Network espouses social justice values, such as inclusion, advocacy, and respect, and holds as one of its goals an active commitment to diversity. Key to these values and goal is the construct of…
How an Inclusive Teaching Approach Helped Us Build a More Inclusive Curriculum for Our University – ACUE Community
Have you been involved with curriculum revision? If so, did you use equity as a guiding principle?
4 Ways Faculty Can Be Allies for College Student Mental Health – ACUE Community
Mental health disorders are common, consequential, and largely untreated on college campuses. But many struggling students have received crucial support and referrals from a caring and alert professor.
Faculty Research & Scholarship
Faculty Wellness
Wellness Tips | Faculty & Staff Resources
Find instructional videos, articles, and PDFs as part of the wellness program at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of SOcial Work.
Wellness tips for the new year | The Stanford Daily
It’s a new year — heck, it’s a new decade. That means a fresh start and an opportunity to start something new, to make a change and to live a better life. To help you get started…

What We’re Reading

One forecast for higher ed in the 2020s
It’s the year 2020 and the appearance of a new decade has many people looking ahead to see what might come up. One example comes from Inside Higher Ed.  John Kroger* offers ten predictions, a…
Health-care programs search for ways to help workers move up the ladder
Certified nursing assistants are necessary as the population ages, but the work isn’t high paying. How do health-care programs create faster pathways toward good jobs?
Tackling Transfer Issues | Inside Higher Ed
Addressing transfer students’ needs and challenges.
Other News

From our friends at Passion-Driven Statistics: 
“I would be grateful if you could help spread the word about a new NSF-funded REU focused on data analysis and applied statistics that will be held at Spelman College this summer. Female students from under-represented groups who are currently freshmen or sophomores are eligible for the program. Students enrolled in your courses or programs may be particularly interested in this opportunity!

Nayena Blankson, the PI, will use an expanded version of Passion-Driven Statistics and each student will have a personal research mentor. The 8-week research experience includes a generous stipend, housing, meals, etc.”

New York Power Authority (NYPA) Summer Internships

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) published a list of college-level summer internships that are available at our facilities statewide.

It is our desire to increase the number of student applicants from the communities that we serve.  The internships include a salary and real-world experience for college students interested in pursuing a STEM career.  We urge you to share this posting with your organizations and encourage students to apply as soon as possible.

The direct link to internship openings is here.  You can learn more about NYPA at our website https://www.nypa.gov/ .

2020 Vision: Climate Leap Forward
A Forum to Meet the Climate Crisis
Saturday February 29, 9 AM – 3 PM
Westminster Presbyterian Church • Buffalo
Cost: $10, Students: $5
Lunch Provided

The Bible calls communities and nations to preserve the earth. A leading voice for climate responsibility, The Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, will share models for activism in the church across the nation and explore with us the climate challenges to Western New York. We will discern how God calls us to collective action and send participants back to their congregations to encourage commitment and action to climate justice.

Sign-ups are available at www.wpcbuffalo.org/climate .

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