As we begin the Sp’21 semester, please keep in mind the following COVID protocols that we are rolling over from Fall ’20:

Daily Health Screenings:

Utilize the health screening process provided by D’Youville in self-service to respond to the daily health self-assessment questionnaire before coming to campus or leaving your residence hall room. This screening is required for all students, faculty, staff and administrators on days that they come to campus. You do not need to complete the health screening on days that you do not come to campus.

Face Coverings:

You must wear a face covering that covers your nose and mouth at all times when in D’Youville buildings except when alone in a room, alone with roommate(s), or while stationary and eating or drinking in areas where eating and drinking are permitted. Eating and drinking is not permitted in any classrooms or labs.

Digitize Meetings and Gatherings:

Please limit group gatherings and consider alternative means for holding events and ceremonies. Gatherings should not exceed 10 people unless it is for instructional purposes. Faculty office hours should continue to be held by appointment in a format that is mutually agreed upon between the faculty and student.

Personal Hygiene:

Maintain a personal hygiene routine that specifically includes frequent thorough hand washing (for at least 20 seconds with soap and water) and/or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Proper hand washing should be the preferred practice in comparison to using hand sanitizer. Please avoid touching your eyes and try not to share personal tool or possessions such as pens, pencils, laptops, etc.

Cleaning Protocols:

We will continue to use the “whole community” approach. All classrooms, labs, and high traffic common areas have been outfitted with sanitizing wipe dispensers. Individuals should continue to utilize these resources prior to sitting down and utilizing a workspace. Classrooms and labs will be cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day, in addition to the “whole community approach” to cleaning.

Building Access:

All campus buildings will continue to be locked and require D’Youville ID cards to swipe into exterior doors. Please carry your ID card with you at all times. Many buildings, including the Library and DAC will be accessible 24/7, however, access will only be permitted through main doors during evening hours to assist Campus Safety’s ability to monitor the buildings.

Campus Navigation:

Elevators will continue to have reduced density requirements due to the nature of the confined space. Please respect your fellow community members by adhering to the reduced density requirements and follow instructions for social distancing signage while using the elevators. Stairwells will continue to be labelled with directional signage to direct the flow of traffic and reduce unnecessary congestion.

Food Services:

Due to the regulations imposed by the Micro-cluster Initiative ‘Orange Zone’ status, all food service options will be served as take-out only, and dining hall seating will not permitted for use. If there is a change in our micro-cluster designation during the Sp’21 semester, then there will be a re-evaluation of food service protocols at that time.

Compliance with NYS Regulations:

It is everyone individual responsibility to comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. For example, while D’Youville faculty, staff, and administrators are here to help make appropriate accommodations, it is the individual’s responsibility to plan accordingly for precautionary travel quarantines related to their personal travel.