Sent on behalf of Isabelle Vecchio, Coordinator of Accessibility Resources on 8/18/2020

Dear Faculty,

As the fall semester approaches, I wanted to inform faculty about the Accessibility Resources Office policies and procedures for the upcoming academic year.

If you are in contact with a student who self-identifies as having a disability, or who thinks they may have a disability, please tell the student to contact me at:   Students may also make appointments online though the Accessibility Resources webpage at:  At this time all meetings will be virtual.

As a reminder, accommodations for students with a disability may be made only after the student has been registered with OAR.

As you know, we are trying to comply with social distancing requirements and reduce the number of students in testing rooms, so if a student can take an exam online and does not need any accommodations beyond extended time, they are encouraged to take exams virtually without coming to the Learning Center.  If a student needs accommodation beyond extended time (i.e.  readers, distraction free rooms, software), there will be testing rooms available in the Learning Center.

You will be notified if a student needs auxiliary aids such as interpreters, captioning, and notetakers, with directions as to what your role might be in assisting with those accommodations.

If at any time during the semester, you or your student has a question, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,