Dear Friends,

Earlier this evening, you received a letter from Dr. Clemo updating the D’Youville College community on the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has, and will continue to have, on the lives of students, faculty, and staff. At the start of 2020, who would have imagined that an institution that has prided itself on personal connections and small classes for over 100 years would be fully online – and in the span of two weeks no less! Among the stress and the struggle of re-writing every facet of our lives on the fly as we adapt to the new reality of working from home while teaching our children and caring for our loved ones, this has been a truly monumental achievement. We should all be proud of what we have done, and continue to do, for our students, our loved ones, and ourselves. Please understand that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Every time we speak, Dr. Clemo has expressed to me her gratitude and admiration for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.

We can be certain that challenges remain ahead but also that we will meet them as we have met those that came before them – with compassion, strength of character, a willingness to help, and with the resolve that comes from knowing that you are not alone. Each and every one of you has lived the mission of the College in ways hardly imaginable just a few weeks ago. I do not have the words to convey precisely just how proud, honored, and humbled I am to count myself among the Faculty of this institution. Your tireless dedication and passion has touched my heart, and I know that I am not alone in this feeling. Bravo, my friends, bravo.

Take care of yourselves and lookout for one another. These are times that will define us, as professionals, citizens, and individuals, for years to come. I for one love what they say about us. With Deepest Admiration and Gratitude, Jeremiah

Jeremiah Davie, PhD
Associate Professor of Biology

President – Faculty Senate

Department of Biology and Mathematics
SASE 210
D’Youville College
Buffalo, NY 14201

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