May 2020

Thank you to our 2019-2020
ITI Advisory Committee!

Thank you to our 2019-2020 ITI Advisory Committee, including our Faculty Fellows! The ITI Advisory Committee provides advice on the policies, direction, and programming of the Institute for Teaching Innovation. It is comprised of five faculty members who serve 2-year terms, a faculty librarian selected by the director of the library who serves a 2-year term, and faculty fellows who serve 1-year terms. See below for the ITI Year in Review.
The Challenge to Care: Finding Self and Cultivating Safe Spaces In Teaching and Learning
by Tina Bampton, PhD, Faculty, Liberal Arts and Christopher Jarmark, Adjunct Professor, Liberal Arts ITI Faculty Fellows for Exemplary Pedagogy
“Good teaching is an act of generosity, a whim of the wanton muse, a craft that may grow with practice, and always risky business” (Palmer, 1990, p. 11, emphasis added).

When Parker Palmer wrote those words some 30 years ago, who knew that they would still ring so true today? Teaching in any context is always a challenging, but deeply satisfying experience—why else would we do it, right? As educators,……

  • 72 IDEA Cards
  • 9 ITI Advisory Committee Members
  • 7 Active Learning Classrooms
  • 6 ITI Newsletters
  • 3 Orientations
  • 2 Development Days
  • 2 Faculty Fellow Sessions
  • 1 Faculty Retreat
  • 1 Chairs’ Retreat
  • 1 Active Learning Center
  • 1 Conference on Teaching Innovation

Conference on Teaching Innovation Recap

Thank you to all of our presenters who shared their time and expertise with the D’Youville community. The ITI Conference on Teaching Innovation was an incredible success, especially considering that this event was held during a pandemic and busy time of the semester.
A special thank you to everyone who recorded a video for the recorded portion of the ITI Conference. These videos welcomed attendees and provided valuable information.

We were incredibly impressed by the attendance and participation in each of the sessions. At most, attendance during the LIVE sessions represented both D’Youville and Daemen and was:

  • 24 attendees during the Caring and Counseling Panel.
  • 27 attendees during the Pandemic Teaching Discussion.
  • 15 attendees during Cooped-Up BINGO.
Lastly, a very special thank you to Leeza Leggett who helped to organize and brand the event.
Recorded live sessions and previously recorded programming is available on the site.

Opening Presentation: A Semester of Transition
presentation by Dr. Susan Kowalewski | Professor, Business & ITI Faculty Fellow

Other News

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