November 2018
Faculty Development & Opportunities

NEW Faculty Fellow Sessions
Learn more about our 2018-2019 ITI Faculty Fellows by clicking here.Using a Research Skill Development (RSD) Framework to Improve Student Research Autonomy
November 13, 1PM-3PM (lunch for all those who register)
offered by David Stewart, PhD and Stacy Ruvio, PhD
ITI Faculty Fellows for Scholarship of Teaching & LearningLearning Contracts for Individualized Student Scholarly Experiences
November 15, 1PM-3PM (lunch for all those who register)
offered by David Stewart, PhD and Stacy Ruvio, PhD
ITI Faculty Fellows for Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Dossier Development, Tenure, and Promotions
Wednesday, November, 14, 2018
12:00-1:00 pm
BFAC 202The workshop will provide an overview of the development of dossiers for tenure and promotion review.
-Review Process (DPC, Chair, Dean, VPAA, (CPC), President)
-Submissions due dates
-Electronic or binder?
-What to include
-Examples of dossiers

Presented by the Faculty CommitteeRSVP:

Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning Workshop
Thursday, November, 15 1-2 EST
offered by Learning House
“Accessibility” in its broadest sense isn’t solely about designing with the needs of students with disabilities in mind, but also providing options for your instructional materials and flexibility in your assessment instructions, which can address both disabilities as well as learning preferences. In this session, we’ll explore what the law dictates about the design of online courses and discuss how designing your course with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework in mind can help you kill two birds with one stone.

Our Faculty

Michelle Bork – Nursing, School of Nursing
Donna Brzykcy – Occupational Therapy, School of Health Professions
Lauren Clay – Health Services Administration, School of Health Professions/ITI Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Teaching Strategies
Mark Garrison – Educational Leadership, School of Arts, Science, Education, and Business/Faculty Fellow for Faculty Research & Scholarship
Martin Kelly – Biology, School of Arts, Science, Education, and Business
Talisa Marchese – Pharmacy, Schoool of Pharmacy
Manpreet Rai – Psychology, School of Arts, Science, Education, and Business
Stacy Ruvio – Biology, School of Arts, Science, Education, and Business/Faculty Fellow of Scholarship for Teaching & Learning
Ted Sherman – Library
David Stewart – Chemistry, School of Arts, Science, Education, and Business/Faculty Fellow for Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Please help us welcome the 2018-2019 ITI Advisory Committee. 

The ITI Advisory Committee provides advice on the policies, direction, and programming of the Institute for Teaching Innovation. It is comprised of up to 3 faculty fellows who serve a 1-year term, a faculty librarian selected by the director of the library who serves a 2-year term, and five faculty members selected by the Faculty Council who serve 2-year terms. The committee is chaired by the director of the Institute for Teaching Innovation. Members may not be re-elected to serve consecutive terms.

All Advisory Committee members will:
-Members meet monthly, September through May,
-Members assist in at least one ITI event per year, and
-Members serve as a resource to the faculty body.

Teaching Methods
Tips for the first week in an online course.

Jeremiah Grabowski’s well-attended Lunch and Learn on October 31st about the first week in an online course was informative and full of discussion. If you missed the session, here is the recap. 

The purpose of including community-based projects in your syllabi is to instill in students a sense of social responsibility and cultural awareness.
Educational Technology

Essential Mobile Apps @D’Youville
Installing these apps on your mobile device(s) is crucial to ensuring the best D’Youville email, announcements, emergency alerts, and class experience.
New Educational Resources in Canvas
The Department of Online Learning is happy to introduce four new educational tools/resources integrated within Canvas. Aimed at improving the student experience and ensuring student success, these tools offer integrated tutoring, design, and proctoring solutions.
Inclusive Practices
Learning House Faculty First Newsletter: Accessibility in the Online Classroom
Universal Design for Learning encourages online courses to be accessible and engaging to all students, regardless of disabilities or learning preferences. In this issue of the Faculty First Newsletter, Learning House covers some helpful tips regarding accessibility.
Using Narrative Modeling to Introduce the Discussion of Race in the Classroom
Searching honestly for the learned racism and privilege at the heart of white identity is hard given that bearing witness to experiences of racism typically prompts whites to show solidarity with people of color.
Faculty Research & Scholarship
An Introduction To Reference Management with Paperpile

Mark Garrison, IT Faculty Fellow of Faculty Research & Scholarship, led a great session on Paperpile in October. Paperpile is a reference management software. As Mark says, “Reference management can function in three distinct ways: (1) as a means of organizing information, (2) as a means of collecting information, (3) as a means of collaboratively producing citation-based narrative”. Read Mark’s article to find out why Paperpile vs. the many other reference management products and why it might be a great product for you.

What We’re Reading
Episode 1: This is an Intervention. Even if you’re (sort of) making your deadlines, your work schedule might be out of balance.
RELATED: Check out the ITI Resource: How to Publish More
Scholars of all ages wrestle with feelings of “intellectual phoniness.” So how do you get over it?
Feature: Creativity-Infused Pedagogy to Foster a Civic Consciousness
Art and design curricula empower students to be thoughtful and engaged with society. The creative process, course assignments, and studio practices help cultivate students’ ability to explore civic dimensions through their message, craftsmanship, and materials. The act of creating art in their…
Parents have entered college in large numbers—they account for 26% of all undergraduates. But when they enter postsecondary education, parents meet a system that isn’t designed with them in mind. Our research provides insights for redesigning postsecondary education to better serve parents.
Other News
D’Youville Simulation Center Tour
James Cypert is working on a Virtual Reality project. This is a temporary link so you can see and experience just the beginning of the work in developing a VR platform for provide our students unique experiences in a VR setting. Future iterations of this can include video playback that can be paused and restarted, pop-up quizzes, choose your own adventure. Right now you can just play the tour back in a browser or even use Google Cardboard, Oculus, or Vive headsets to interact with the environment.
At an event called The Hub Huddle, D’Youville President Lorrie Clemo, PhD, brought together integral partnerships with Catholic Health, CannonDesign, and the campus community to build excitement for The Health Professions Hub.
ITI Services
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