At the end of each academic year, an update on ITI activities is published. 

The Institute for Teaching Innovation was formed at the end of 2017 with the aim to be the primary faculty development space for the college and a premier faculty development space for our region. Currently, the ITI is concerned with exemplary pedagogy, technology-infused instruction, outcome-based assessment, inclusive strategies, faculty research and scholarship, and faculty wellness. The college hired its first director at the same time, Dr. Leah MacVie.

In 2017, the ITI held a faculty development event with Dr. Stewart Ross that attracted over 110 faculty members from across campus. Throughout the Spring semester, it sent out a monthly newsletter each month and held a few small events that attracted a handful of faculty.

In May, the ITI hosted the first Conference on Teaching Innovation that attracted over 50 attendees and co-hosted THATCamp that attracted over 40 attendees. The first Conference on Teaching Innovation, in particular, took place on May 22 with over 50 campus and non-DYC attendees. The morning took place in our Kavinoky Theater with 8 faculty members presenting their “Classroom Moments”, short story-style talks about their Aha! classroom moments. After lunch, attendees got a chance to select from a list of active workshop sessions. Many faculty commented that they enjoyed the informally formal space of the Kavinoky Theater to hear diverse perspectives of their fellow faculty members. One faculty member commented that the conference was a great “platform for sharing pedagogical experiences”. Thank you to everyone who presented and attended.

In June, the ITI hosted its first Faculty Retreat, which was a huge success. The event took place June 12-14 at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY with 26 attendees. The many projects worked on included retooling an animal handling lecture, revising and evidence-based medicine course series for a hybrid educational environment, developing outcomes for a research experience, and developing a new course in Biotechnology. One faculty member commented that the retreat was, “a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with other faculty, spend time reflecting and redesigning existing courses, and be surrounded by a beautiful environment”.

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